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dim bulb

An unintelligent or slow-witted person. I explained this to you not once, but three times! Are you just a dim bulb, or what?
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dim bulb

n. a dull person; a stupid person. George seems to be a dim bulb, but he’s a straight-A student.
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light bulb

n. a pregnant woman. (Jocular. Refers to the shape of a pregnant woman.) Who’s the light bulb on the sofa?
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The foils are a deep carbon spade rudder and L-shaped bulbed keel with shaft driven 106 Steyr engine.
A slippery looking underwater profile should ensure the 36 is quick to windward aided by a deep bulbed keel and spade rudder.
The main thing I found between my old X-37 and the new boat is the need to give this boat a bit more bow down out of the tack for acceleration, to overcome the bulbed keel," explained David.
090), a major selling point for serious racers, buyers usually opt for the higher stability and stiffness of the lead bulbed keel and the taller regatta rig.
A Dehler Performance Pack includes a lead bulbed keel, vinyl ester hull, foam-cored lightweight interior bulkheads and several rig options.