build into (something)

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build into (something)

1. To include something as a fundamental component of something else. A noun or pronoun can be used between "build" and "into." What new features did they build into this app update? Be sure to build time for audience questions into your presentation.
2. To give someone an essential role in something. A noun or pronoun can be used between "build" and "into." Of course that company isn't hiring—the CEO has built all of his pals into every department!
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build someone into something

 and build someone in
to make a person an integral part of an organization or a plan. The mayor built his cronies into the organizational structure of the town. He built in his relatives as part of the administration.
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build something into something

 and build something in 
1. to integrate a piece of furniture or an appliance into a building's construction. We will build this cupboard into the wall about here. We are going to build in a chest of drawers. Then we will build another one in.
2. to make a particular quality a basic part of something. We build quality into our cars before we put our name on them. We build in quality.
3. to make a special restriction or specification a part of the plan of something. I built the restriction into our agreement. The lawyer built in the requirement that payments be by certified check.
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build into

To make something or someone an integral part of something: We built overhead lights into the ceiling. The president is building you into the framework of the company.
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