build on(to) (something)

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build on(to) (something)

To use something as a foundation and expand upon or add to it. A noun can be used between "build" and "on(to)." This kitchen is far too small—we'll need to build an addition onto it. And to build on Katie's point about romanticism in the text, the description of nature at the beginning of chapter 2 is a fine example of that.
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build (up)on something

1. to construct something on a particular space. (Upon is more formal and less commonly used than on.) Are you going to build upon this land? Yes, we will build on it.
2. to start with something and add to it. (Upon is more formal and less commonly used than on.) Our progress has been good so far. Let's build on it. We will build upon the success of our forebears.
See also: build, on

build something (up)on something

1. Lit. to construct something on the base of something else. (Upon is formal and less commonly used than on.) The ancients built their houses upon the houses of earlier people.
2. Fig. to add to and develop something that already exists. We have a good reputation and we must build on it. He has to build on his strong friendships with the customers.
See also: build, on

build something on(to) something

 and build something on
to construct an extension onto a building. We are going to build a garage onto this side of the house. We will build on a new garage. The people next door are not going to build anything on.
See also: build, on

build on(to) something

 and build on
to add to something by constructing an extension. Do you plan to build onto this house? Yes, we are going to build on.
See also: build, on

build on

Also, build upon. Add as an extension; use as a basis or foundation. For example, They decided to build on an addition, or She was building all her hopes on passing the exam. John Locke had this idiom in his treatise on government (1689): "Sovereignty built on 'property' . . . comes to nothing." [Late 1600s]
See also: build, on

build on

or build upon
1. To construct something on the base of something else: She wants to build a new house on that hill. The pioneer built a small cabin upon the plain.
2. To use something as a basis or foundation on which to develop something else: The company built its hiring policy on the principle of fairness. The efficiency of our department is built on hard work.
See also: build, on
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This cartoon was released by Abu Dhabi Police to show how a sheep plunged from a five-storey building onto a parked car in an attempt to avoid slaughter.
A West Midlands Ambulance Service spokeswoman said the man had fallen from a scaffolded building onto Franklin Way.
A BOY aged 12 plunged 20ft from the top of a school building onto metal railings.
The project extends the center's multipurpose room by about 1,200 square feet by building onto an existing outdoor patio and enclosing it.
And wouldn't a simple antenna placed on top of it all see everything especially the things I can't & there's more of them now, insignias of light froggy things sweeping across the building onto the next, the world embraced by mysterious symbols.
Forward Air invested approximately $5 million in building onto its existing hub located at 6800 Port Road.
The robbers ran out the front of the bank, then turned behind the building onto Vilna Avenue, where police found a trail of money.
Doctors say the boy's injuries are the equivalent of falling from a second-story building onto a concrete surface.
Interoperability is critical to the success of any collaborative commerce process and building onto existing systems makes sense when looking to maximize ROI.
The proposed municipal center would expand the existing building onto a large parking lot area on the north rear side of the station, Schillo said.
With this order for advanced AOI systems, we are building onto our existing base of Orbotech inspection equipment to meet our customers' increasing demand for superior quality, sophisticated multilayer and high-density interconnect PCBs.
I look forward to aggressively building onto the team and processes at Clarus continuing to demonstrate our speed to market advantages in product delivery.
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