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build on(to) (something)

To use something as a foundation and expand upon or add to it. A noun can be used between "build" and "on(to)." This kitchen is far too small—we'll need to build an addition onto it. And to build on Katie's point about romanticism in the text, the description of nature at the beginning of chapter 2 is a fine example of that.
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build (up)on something

1. to construct something on a particular space. (Upon is more formal and less commonly used than on.) Are you going to build upon this land? Yes, we will build on it.
2. to start with something and add to it. (Upon is more formal and less commonly used than on.) Our progress has been good so far. Let's build on it. We will build upon the success of our forebears.
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build something (up)on something

1. Lit. to construct something on the base of something else. (Upon is formal and less commonly used than on.) The ancients built their houses upon the houses of earlier people.
2. Fig. to add to and develop something that already exists. We have a good reputation and we must build on it. He has to build on his strong friendships with the customers.
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build something on(to) something

 and build something on
to construct an extension onto a building. We are going to build a garage onto this side of the house. We will build on a new garage. The people next door are not going to build anything on.
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build on(to) something

 and build on
to add to something by constructing an extension. Do you plan to build onto this house? Yes, we are going to build on.
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build on

Also, build upon. Add as an extension; use as a basis or foundation. For example, They decided to build on an addition, or She was building all her hopes on passing the exam. John Locke had this idiom in his treatise on government (1689): "Sovereignty built on 'property' . . . comes to nothing." [Late 1600s]
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build on

or build upon
1. To construct something on the base of something else: She wants to build a new house on that hill. The pioneer built a small cabin upon the plain.
2. To use something as a basis or foundation on which to develop something else: The company built its hiring policy on the principle of fairness. The efficiency of our department is built on hard work.
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BAPCo's EECoMark will build upon its predecessors utilizing one of the strongest and broadest development teams in PC benchmarking history while taking advantage of the deep expertise offered by Ecma in developing standards.
Through this acquisition, the thousands of customers using IBM and FileNet solutions will now have a more powerful base of industry-leading content management products to build upon as they explore next-generation information management solutions.
I am confident that I leave a solid management team in place that will continue to build upon the significant success in Florida," Dr.
These statements include: the sales pipeline building for the Med-eMonitor System; the device is gaining traction in the disease management marketplace, InforMedix' Med-eMonitor System is beginning to gain traction in the medication adherence marketplace, and we now intend to build upon this early sales traction by implementing our national sales and marketing campaign into this market requiring the need to manufacture additional Med-eMonitor devices as our sales pipeline builds.
I look forward to working with the research team as we build upon this success and advance our knowledge of injury prevention and successful return to work strategies.
Gareth's familiarity with DayLite, proven professional record, and his understanding of the needs of both European consumers and business partners will ensure that Marketcircle continues to thrive internationally and build upon its existing European business foundation.
The experts in Customer Integration and Engineering build upon the extensible nature of WildPackets products to deliver new business applications that give companies a competitive edge and better integrate disparate systems into a complete solution for network operations.
With greater access to financial capital, TMW will continue to build upon our legacy of excellence and innovation and solidify our position as the leading provider of technology solutions for trucking companies," said Weisz.
The purchase price of CAD 560 million--which will be funded internally--fits with Sun Life's acquisition strategy geared toward businesses, which build upon existing franchises in areas that offer the opportunity for strong growth.
I will certainly miss my colleagues, but am confident that with his extensive leadership experience in both broadcasting and community service, Dino Dinovitz will build upon the success of the Foundations.
These new "next generation" M-Series(TM) tools build upon the success of over 50 inkjet systems that Litrex Corporation has installed worldwide at 25 customer sites.
I am confident that under Victor's capable leadership, the Company will continue to build upon our core strengths.