build to order

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build to order

To construct or assemble something in accordance with specific parameters (usually from a buyer). A noun can be used between "build" and "to." The client must be rich if he wants us to build the boat to order!
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built to order

Built, constructed, or assembled to meet one's custom measurements or needs; very well suited to someone's personal needs or desires. Hyphenated if used as a modifier before a noun. It's a nice change of piece getting a suit that's built to order—it looks great, and it fits like a dream! After weeks of searching, I finally found a job that was built to order for me. They specialize in built-to-order cars for wealthy automotive enthusiasts.
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build something to order

to build an individual object according to a special set of specifications. I am having them build a new house to order—just for us. The car will be built to order.
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Auto Business News-October 15, 2010--BMW AG to offer build to order programme for 2011 X3(C)1994-2010 ENPublishing - http://www.
COPENHAGEN, Denmark -- Leading automotive supplier Delphi Corporation has gone live with RedPrairie's Build To Order software at two new production lines in Romania and Poland that produce customer-specific wire harnesses and ship them in long range sequence to the OEM in Germany.
Bloch, the director of product management for RedPrairie's build to order business unit, is based out of Copenhagen, Denmark.
RedPrairie's Build to Order (B2O) solution provides a unique process flow control application that uses icons to pictorially illustrate the parts and sequencing process required for each customized end product.
OTCBB:NGTE), today announced that build to order computers and video games will be available to consumers through www.
In the last decade, Boundless has excelled in build to order mass-customized manufacturing, a capability that has evolved into a key core competency that offers a significant competitive advantage and significantly decreased time-to-market for OEM customers.
Now they can offer build to order servers and workstations to their customers that will save them considerable time and money with the EnetPC(TM) software.
By adding EnetPC(TM) to their site, PCSI can now provide their customers with a complete build to order solution to help them compete against some of the direct computer manufacturers such as Dell and Gateway.
These features enable an LGA production socket to be built which lowers the cost of the overall stackup (package, socket and clamping hardware, and motherboard), and restores the build to order business model for computers employing array packaging.
Proteva's assembly operation has the capacity to produce more than 200,000 build to order PCs a year, significantly adding to Systemax's capacity to meet increasing demands.
is one of the fastest growing manufacturers and marketers of build to order PCs for small office/home office and mid-and large-sized corporate customers.
SYNNEX will benefit from the joint agreement in its established Built to Go (BTG) and Build to Order (BTO) programs and will be able to provide added value to its customers through availability and pricing.
FSE will concentrate primarily on the production and marketing of its high performance, build to order PCs.
The resulting company, which will be named Nucleus, will combine the marketing expertise of both companies with Nucleus' strength in its build to order (BTO) computer production and its on-line and on-premise support.
Information technology is a key element in EFTC's plan to innovate new solutions in high mix, small lot processing capability in the areas of circuit card assembly and build to order of final products.