build on(to) (something)

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build on(to) (something)

To use something as a foundation and expand upon or add to it. A noun can be used between "build" and "on(to)." This kitchen is far too small—we'll need to build an addition onto it. And to build on Katie's point about romanticism in the text, the description of nature at the beginning of chapter 2 is a fine example of that.
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build (up)on something

1. to construct something on a particular space. (Upon is more formal and less commonly used than on.) Are you going to build upon this land? Yes, we will build on it.
2. to start with something and add to it. (Upon is more formal and less commonly used than on.) Our progress has been good so far. Let's build on it. We will build upon the success of our forebears.
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build something (up)on something

1. Lit. to construct something on the base of something else. (Upon is formal and less commonly used than on.) The ancients built their houses upon the houses of earlier people.
2. Fig. to add to and develop something that already exists. We have a good reputation and we must build on it. He has to build on his strong friendships with the customers.
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build something on(to) something

 and build something on
to construct an extension onto a building. We are going to build a garage onto this side of the house. We will build on a new garage. The people next door are not going to build anything on.
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build on(to) something

 and build on
to add to something by constructing an extension. Do you plan to build onto this house? Yes, we are going to build on.
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build on

Also, build upon. Add as an extension; use as a basis or foundation. For example, They decided to build on an addition, or She was building all her hopes on passing the exam. John Locke had this idiom in his treatise on government (1689): "Sovereignty built on 'property' . . . comes to nothing." [Late 1600s]
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build on

or build upon
1. To construct something on the base of something else: She wants to build a new house on that hill. The pioneer built a small cabin upon the plain.
2. To use something as a basis or foundation on which to develop something else: The company built its hiring policy on the principle of fairness. The efficiency of our department is built on hard work.
See also: build, on
References in periodicals archive ?
Then watch as successive generations build onto it, gradually adding rooms.
The new congress hall at Murcia in south-east Spain complements an existing auditorium, but the two are not physically joined because the auditorium is highly specific and triangular in plan, rebuffing any attempt to build onto it.
TradeCard will continue to invest in product development and partnerships that build onto the core competence we've delivered since 1999 - technology, combined with global delivery capabilities, to automate supply chains within 90 days," said Kurt Cavano, CEO of TradeCard Inc.
Throughout the years, CentroNia has evolved organically into a unique strength-based model for low-income families, which seeks to recognize and utilize genuine parent/family strengths and build onto them.
We are very pleased with these two new orders, which build onto the already solid foundation of purchase orders for our biometrics products that we have received over the past four months.
In addition, Phase 2 will build onto the platform more layers of security, including a grid of sensor technologies for detecting environmental changes inside containers, automated surveillance cameras, biometric identification, and satellite tracking for in-transit visibility.
Multidisciplinary teams of physicians at both organizations elected to build onto the system's broad, real-time clinical decision support functionality and vast flexibility to expedite all phases of inpatient and outpatient orders.
We are acquiring seasoned CRM specialists, helping us to accelerate our CRM offering as we build onto the MS CRM platform.
Epson continues to build onto its strong foundation of products and support for the mobile/handheld markets.