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She moved into Seattle's aforementioned Denny Park Apartments, built through a five-year, $555 million initiative known as Green Communities that seeks to build more than 8,500 homes for low-income people in 23 states.
The initiative provides grants, financing, tax-credit equity and technical assistance to developers who meet specific green criteria to build affordable housing.
Several years ago, the now-defunct New Alchemy Institute commissioned Trumbull, Connecticut-based architect Donald Watson to create an eco-house with deliberate concern for what it would cost the average person to build.
It costs approximately $82,000 to build and in Hartford, Connecticut-type weather runs about $248 to $335 per year to heat, depending on the system used.
Automated Build Studio 3 automates each step of the build process -- from retrieving files from a version control system, to building installation packages, running automated tests and deploying latest releases of software projects.
This best practices build process is essential for Lotus Notes development organizations wanting to avoid costly downtime, rework and loss of credibility.
Train all project managers and superintendents in their responsibilities for implementation of the Build Safe NYC EHS standards;
That's why we could build something like this here.
Just a few years after it was finished, Met Life--very much wanting to retake the tallest title--announced it would build a 100-story tower.
The playground builds will involve members of each local benefit community and each will include unique events special for that neighborhood.
Champ's purple patch heart is a symbol of Nikki and Champ builds on her legacy, providing encouragement to all kids who must deal with difficult challenges.
Champ's purple patch heart is a symbol of Nikki, and this new bear builds on her legacy and provides encouragement to all kids like her that so bravely deal with what life gives them.
com) builds on more than a century of breakthrough innovation and client success using collaborative R&D.
The long term benefit of builders choosing to build "green" also means that manufacturers and distributors will begin to provide green building products affordably to local builders.