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drive (someone) buggy

1. To upset, irritate, or annoy someone to the point of distraction. It drives me buggy seeing all these people just staring at their phones all day long. Would you stop shouting, you're driving me buggy!
2. To cause someone to become unhinged, insane, or mentally unstable. All that pressure finally drove Steve buggy in the end. You kids are going to drive me buggy one of these days with all of your arguing.
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go the way of the dodo

 and go the way of the horse and buggy
Fig. to become extinct; to become obsolete. The floppy disc has gone the way of the horse and buggy.
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horse and buggy

 and horse and carriage; buggy whip
Fig. a carriage pulled by a horse, as opposed to a modern automobile; the horse was urged on with a whip. (A symbol of old-fashionedness or out-of-dateness. Particularly with go out with, as in the examples.) That kind of clothing went out with the horse and buggy. I thought suspenders went out with the horse and carriage, but I see them everywhere now.
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thanks for the buggy ride

used as a way of thanking someone for their help. North American dated
A buggy was a light horse-drawn vehicle for one or two people.
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n. an automobile. Other than a dent in the front bumper, this buggy is in A-1 condition.

struggle buggy

The backseat of a car. This early- and mid-20th-century expression described an auto whose young owner tried to seduce unwilling young women into its backseat for a little (one of the euphemisms for the activity was “backseat boogie”). As the sophomoric joke went, “I call my car the Mayflower because so many Puritans came across in it.”
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I can imagine how hard it can be for mothers to collapse a buggy and watch their children.
Ayesha Khalid a bride said I like buggies more comparatively to decorated cars , I want my groom would sit on buggy as he would look like a king.
4, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Shatter Buggy, built with the intention of being the world's most convenient cracked device repair, now adds Colorado Springs to their list of cities in Colorado, according to company founder and former airline pilot Benjamin Head.
ICANDY RASPBERRY FOR the style-conscious, this nippy buggy is easy to fold, comfortable and looks the part.
uk Hamster Buggy Bags A PAIR of bags that attach securely to the sides of buggies using strong hooks, and have been designed to distribute additional weight towards the front and sides of the buggy, preventing it tipping backwards.
Jahgoo Clam-P THIS handy clam shell-shaped buggy clip is designed to secure muslin cloths, discarded clothes or even cuddly toys to the buggy.
He told her "I'm dying", before launching the attack in which he grabbed the child and tried to pull her out of the buggy.
The BMW Buggy will join Maclaren's highly sought after Objects of Design collection amongst the ranks of other premium brand partners, which have included Burberry, Philippe Starck, Lacoste, Lulu Guinness and Juicy Couture.
Cara's Dune Buggy Dash was the perfect way to extend our range of highly successful online games and apps.
A local Iowa court has ruled in favor of an Amish man challenging a ticket he received for driving a buggy without a state-required reflector.
With a PVC-pipe beach buggy we have made ourselves, Brian is able to enjoy walks on the beach and getting splashed by the waves.
Through an initiative entitled Do the KIND Thing, Tiffani and Elisabeth are challenging people across the country to carry out one act of kindness; if enough individuals pledge to participate by March 6th, the celebrity moms will deliver diapers and other vital items to impoverished families in NYC and LA via Baby Buggy.
Keeping alive the past tradition, many grooms prefer to hire buggy rather than a deckedup horse or car for this important ceremony to give a unique and impressive look to their marriage which is a precious event and comes in a life for once.