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drive (someone) buggy

1. To upset, irritate, or annoy someone to the point of distraction. It drives me buggy seeing all these people just staring at their phones all day long. Would you stop shouting, you're driving me buggy!
2. To cause someone to become unhinged, insane, or mentally unstable. All that pressure finally drove Steve buggy in the end. You kids are going to drive me buggy one of these days with all of your arguing.
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go the way of the dodo

 and go the way of the horse and buggy
Fig. to become extinct; to become obsolete. The floppy disc has gone the way of the horse and buggy.
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horse and buggy

 and horse and carriage; buggy whip
Fig. a carriage pulled by a horse, as opposed to a modern automobile; the horse was urged on with a whip. (A symbol of old-fashionedness or out-of-dateness. Particularly with go out with, as in the examples.) That kind of clothing went out with the horse and buggy. I thought suspenders went out with the horse and carriage, but I see them everywhere now.
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thanks for the buggy ride

used as a way of thanking someone for their help. North American dated
A buggy was a light horse-drawn vehicle for one or two people.
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n. an automobile. Other than a dent in the front bumper, this buggy is in A-1 condition.

struggle buggy

The backseat of a car. This early- and mid-20th-century expression described an auto whose young owner tried to seduce unwilling young women into its backseat for a little (one of the euphemisms for the activity was “backseat boogie”). As the sophomoric joke went, “I call my car the Mayflower because so many Puritans came across in it.”
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However, Samia Al Bawardi, the head of an NGO for the victims of car accidents, warned women about riding bicycles and buggies.
But there is no chance of any crooks speeding off with one of the sat-nav buggies as they are all tted with a tracker.
Wedding planners in the city also agreed that there is a surge in demand for buggies by grooms during the wedding season.
Consumer Contact: For additional information, contact BB Buggies toll-free at (855) 738-3711 between 8 a.
Pushchair manufacturer Maclaren announced a million buggies in America were being recalled after reports 12 children had fingertips cut off in hinges.
The research team also observed that mothers and children, who had used both types of buggy, laughed more frequently with face-to-face buggies.
But the thing we're the first golf club in Europe to offer is the centralised leaderboard whereby players enter their scores into the screens on their buggies and those who have already finished can see where everyone stands.
Stagecoach operations manager Geoff Reid said: "The number one service is an older model of bus and is not able to accommodate some double buggies.
Asda have hired instructors to train elderly and disabled customers how to use the buggies to stop them going wild in the aisles.
Kieron Bradley, Peter Ash and Professor Brian Cunningham will ride 625 miles across the Mongolian wasteland in buggies pulled by kites.
But for the folks in Naples, Florida, in the good ol' US of A, large expanses of water are seen as an opportunity to drive 1,000hp V8 monster buggies through them as quickly as possible.
Dekam was on his way to a friend's home, and the two men were taking the dune buggies to Pismo Beach for the weekend, police said.
of indoor exhibits at the Expo Center, the 2006 Extreme Motorsports Expo will be overflowing with hot new sand buggies, 4 x 4's, prerunners, 50's, ATV's, lifted trucks, sand rails, street and dune buggies, Jeeps monster trucks, motorcycles, Hummers, cycles, karts, toy haulers, extreme carts and the newest "must-have" products for off-road and outdoors enthusiasts.
Demand for this space has grown considerably to such an extent that we now see parents with buggies, wheelchair users and others with mobility problems "battling" for the coveted space.
Incidents/Injuries: Since the October 2009 recall announcement, BB Buggies has received 27 additional reports of unexpected acceleration, including reports of arm and leg fractures.