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buffet someone or something (from someone or something) (to someone or something)

Fig. to shift someone or something back and forth between people, things, or places, as if being tossed around by the waves of the sea. The state agency buffeted the orphan child from one relative to another. The office staff buffeted the memo from one desk to another.
References in classic literature ?
He hath broken in upon our master's goods, and hath smitten me a buffet upon the ear, so that I thought I was dead.
Passing through the outer hall, divided up by screens, and the room partitioned on the right, where a man sits at the fruit buffet, Levin overtook an old man walking slowly in, and entered the dining room full of noise and people.
Huge and powerful as his body had seemed, it was now white and fragile in the face of that imminent, great-handed buffet of the sea.
Our little idyll," he said, "seems to be the sport and buffet of every one.
Halloween marks the one-year anniversary of Family Night," said Alice Crowder, Vice President of Marketing for Buffets, Inc.
Las Vegas buffets are one of the most popular amenities on the Strip, where visitors to Sin City can indulge in any craving they desire.
Al Waha Restaurant and Takht Jamsheed Restaurant will serve Iftar buffets and costs BD15++ per person.
Several Asian buffets - including New Town - have sprung up over recent months in Santa Clarita in spaces once occupied by chain diners.
To further enhance the residential-home feeling, the buffets match the decor of the dining areas.
There are more mobile phones being used today than any other type of electronic media," said Buffets Chief Marketing Officer Jason Abelkop.
The restaurant industry is comprised of a diverse workforce, but they have not always afforded to move up to management positions," said Greg Graber, Chief Operating Officer of Buffets, Inc.
Like most buffets, the Stargazer's, though prepared fresh daily, is best when it first opens.
Modern Buffets: Blueprint for Success offers students inspiration, recipes, and ideas to advance the craft of buffets to a more modern place.
Since opening in September 2012, Bacchanal Buffet has set a new standard for Las Vegas buffets and continues to redefine the buffet experience by offering more than 500 dishes made-fresh daily by a team of specialized chefs who oversee the preparation of the food in nine open interactive kitchens.
I don't know how many other similar buffets there are in Simi Valley to compare with this one, but it truly is nicely furnished, featuring comfortable booths, carpeting and an attractive koi fish pond near the entrance.