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buffet (someone or something)

To frequently pass or move someone or something back and forth with someone or something else. That little girl has been buffeted between her parents ever since their divorce. I wonder if this project will ever get done, considering how it's been buffeted from one department to another for months.
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buffet someone or something (from someone or something) (to someone or something)

Fig. to shift someone or something back and forth between people, things, or places, as if being tossed around by the waves of the sea. The state agency buffeted the orphan child from one relative to another. The office staff buffeted the memo from one desk to another.
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Marriott Cafe serves them at the lunch and dinner buffet (P3,000+) every Tuesday.
Summary: Where is the best Filipino budget buffet in Karama?
Iftar buffet is served from sunset to 8.30pm- priced BD16++ from Sunday to Wednesday and BD17++ from Thursday to Saturday.
Suitable for vegetarians, the Menuserve Mediterranean buffet skewers are also an ideal fit for the most popular type of dining experience...Italian food.
Strategists, however, do not.If you have paid for the buffet, that act is done.
The Parkview, the buffet restaurant at Shilla Hotel, said it has been fully booked until Dec.
Now, with the introduction of the all-new breakfast buffet at Rendezvous Seef, the popular restaurant adds to its renowned gastronomic allure by offering both loyalists and foodies in general a wide variety of authentic Bahraini dishes, along with dishes from several different countries, thereby catering to both Bahrainis and expatriates.
Lancashire chain The Chinese Buffet bought the site in Speke Boulevard that was home to Damon's for 15 years.
Its famous brunch buffet offers a selection of coffees or teas, but if you fancy pushing the boat out, go straight in for the champers.
One steadfast tradition on many of these prepaid aquatic adventures is the all-you-can-eat buffet. All too often, then, your familiarity with a cruise line can mean an undesirable change in your waistline.
HomeTown Buffet is owned by privately held Buffets Inc.
The new $17 million buffet at Caesars Palace is no exception.
Pleasant Grove, UT, June 24, 2012 --(PR.com)-- Announcing the new candy buffet company to hit the scene: www.ChicCandyBuffet.com.
Buffets also don't provide what Jamie Oliver would describe as a "Pukka an' helfy night on the tiles, cor' blimey, love a duck, an' roll out the bleedin' barrel, me old China!" The only barrel you'll be rolling out is your own hulking carcass, after crash landing into all those calories.