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buffet someone or something (from someone or something) (to someone or something)

Fig. to shift someone or something back and forth between people, things, or places, as if being tossed around by the waves of the sea. The state agency buffeted the orphan child from one relative to another. The office staff buffeted the memo from one desk to another.
References in classic literature ?
The buffet of the Knight was given with such strength and good-will, that the Friar rolled head over heels upon the plain, to the great amazement of all the spectators.
The Priest,'' said Clement, ``is not have so confident of the Jew's conversion, since he received that buffet on the ear.
It came as upon a single buffet of wind with such sureness and fragrance and emphasis that it almost seemed a living visitant.
Passing through the outer hall, divided up by screens, and the room partitioned on the right, where a man sits at the fruit buffet, Levin overtook an old man walking slowly in, and entered the dining room full of noise and people.
Huge and powerful as his body had seemed, it was now white and fragile in the face of that imminent, great-handed buffet of the sea.
Our little idyll," he said, "seems to be the sport and buffet of every one.
I can remedy that entirely," said he of the Grove, "and in this way: before we begin the battle, I will come up to your worship fair and softly, and give you three or four buffets, with which I shall stretch you at my feet and rouse your anger, though it were sleeping sounder than a dormouse.
It is, in fact, stated, that it was of enormous size, hooked in the middle, covered with warts, and of a mulberry colour like an egg-plant; it hung down two fingers' length below his mouth, and the size, the colour, the warts, and the bend of it, made his face so hideous, that Sancho, as he looked at him, began to tremble hand and foot like a child in convulsions, and he vowed in his heart to let himself be given two hundred buffets, sooner than be provoked to fight that monster.
Came days of storm, days and nights of storm, when the ocean menaced us with its roaring whiteness, and the wind smote our struggling boat with a Titan's buffets.
I was in two minds whether to run away; but anger got the upper hand, and I began instead to rain kicks and buffets on the door, and to shout out aloud for Mr.
As for its food, particularly when compared to other Chinese buffet houses, this place presents generally superior options.
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Menu highlights: Buffet brunch includes seafood bar, carved ham, baron of beef, pastries, waffles, omelettes, pastas, eggs Benedict, blintzes, stir-fried items, blackened fish and chicken marsala.
the national leader in buffet dining, has chosen Chockstone's loyalty marketing services for its Old Country Buffet([R]), HomeTown Buffet([R]) and Country Buffet([R]) locations.
You get: A full, traditional Thanksgiving buffet meal with a variety of choices and all the trimmings or a sit-down family-style dinner (minimum four persons) featuring a whole oven-roasted turkey.