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buffet (someone or something)

To frequently pass or move someone or something back and forth with someone or something else. That little girl has been buffeted between her parents ever since their divorce. I wonder if this project will ever get done, considering how it's been buffeted from one department to another for months.
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buffet someone or something (from someone or something) (to someone or something)

Fig. to shift someone or something back and forth between people, things, or places, as if being tossed around by the waves of the sea. The state agency buffeted the orphan child from one relative to another. The office staff buffeted the memo from one desk to another.
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They are early on advised by the restaurant's friendly staff that they can choose to have either a shabu-shabu buffet or a yakiniku buffet.
Conrad Manila-Executive Chef Daniel Patterson creates seafood specials for the Dad's Day Off at Brasserie on 3 buffet (P2,700+ for lunch; P2,100+ for dinner).
(https://www.engadget.com/2019/05/06/apple-made-an-iphone-game-featuring-warren-buffett/) Those that challenged Buffet at these Paper Wizard contests tried to throw a rolled-up newspaper 35 feet from the start line.
What we didn't like: Packed restaurant on Friday, which makes it hard to get up from our seat and weave our way though the narrow walkway that connects the dining area to the buffet area
This year, celebrate Ramadan at Al Murjan Ballroom in The Movenpick Hotel Bahrain, with an Iftar buffet and live cooking stations, from sunset to 10pm.
"As we move through the Summer season, well known for parties, buffets, receptions, weddings, graduations and other gatherings, the Mediterranean buffet skewers are ideal items to have on the menu."
The buffet starts with a selection of salads, my favourite was the vibrantly green and crunchy Wakame.
| For more information about The Chinese Buffet, visit www.thechinesebuffet.com
Strategists, however, do not.If you have paid for the buffet, that act is done.
Viking's Wharf, a lobster buffet restaurant chain, said it has completed accepting reservations for tables at its outlets in Jamsil and Yeouido for the coming days until Dec.
My 1950s triangulated between New York, Chicago, and Paris, so I well remember Buffet as a central figure amid a group of artists called Miserablistes--the now-forgotten Francis Gruber being the other once well-regarded painter of the crew.
Al Mahra, a Bahraini media celebrity with 1.3 million followers on Instagram, amongst other platforms, was present during the inaugural introduction of the breakfast buffet.
HealthDay News | NYT Syndicate WHETHER at a party or a restaurant, don't let a buffet be your diet downfall.
The Iftaar buffet is lavish and lacks nothing with all the traditional Arabic dishes, plus some new creations put together by the team of Elite chefs to further tempt us to succumb to the luscious food.