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mod. strong; muscular. He has such buff legs! Does he have a job or does he just work out?
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Halo is a hazy area of the coating that usually forms around the edges of the unsanded buffed area.
To apply hands are firstly sterilised and the nail plate lightly buffed and dehydrated before a tip is applied.
But concomitant with the corporatization of urban space in the '90s, many of these walls were buffed, and thus given back to the taggers.
Feldman and his colleagues had assumed the ice was buffed in a scattered dusty frost mixed with moon soil.
It was like lying in bed with a girl," he jokes, "but she was really buffed.
Sensors on board the Mars Odyssey spacecraft have spied strong signs of ice buffed near both poles of the Red Planet, exactly the regions where scientists previously had said that frozen water deposits could exist.