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mod. confused; stumped. These tax forms really have me buffaloed.
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double nickels

and double buffalo
n. the number fifty-five; the fifty-five-mile-per-hour speed limit. (Originally citizens band radio. The buffalo is on one side of the nickel.) You’d better travel right on those double nickels in through here. The bears are hungry. Double buffalo is for trucks. You can go seventy.
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double buffalo

See also: buffalo, double
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With 13 million cattle in Venezuela, buffalo makes up just a fraction of the ranching livestock.
The Denver Buffalo Company Restaurant opened in 1991 to showcase buffalo, and to serve as a research and development center for the buffalo meat business.
Such rhetoric was much more toned down for reporters at a Buffalo press briefing earlier that day.
I've seen this gully flooded many times, but this is the worst," said Katherine Ramus, 86, owner/manager of Buffalo Ridge's Blue Jay Inn.
These include records of slave births, illnesses, and deaths as well as the oral tradition of the Buffalo Forge slave community passed down to descendants of those bondsmen.
Bellecourt, who has participated in protests against the Buffalo Brothers (including, in late April, a brief occupation of the much larger casino at Turtle Lake), sees the St.
In many ways, Buffalo Lager's a lot like Buffalo: it's not what you think.
We are excited to introduce our three new flavors to the Buffalo Nuts[R] family," said Chad Hartman, Marketing Director at Tropical Foods.
The new Buffalo is an amazing city that people are rediscovering.
Regular fixtures at the Rose Parade and the Canoga Park parade, the New Buffalo Soldiers beam with pride when talking about their predecessors.
There are now over 200,000 buffalo nationwide - most of them in the Rocky Mountain states.
Football fans know that there's no better place to share in game day excitement than Buffalo Wild Wings," said Sally Smith, Buffalo Wild Wings CEO.
By bringing our North American and Latin American operations together under Buffalo Americas, we are better equipped to serve our customers through a single enhanced business and sales operations organization," said Matt Dargis, COO, Buffalo Americas.
Buffalo Wild Wings Grill & Bar, one of the top ten fastest-growing restaurant groups in the nation, will open its first New York metro area restaurant at New Roc City in New Rochelle in December.
Then trouble, the kind that would follow the Kings around the rest of the night in an 8-3 loss to the Buffalo Sabres.