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buff out

1. To remove or smooth out imperfections from a solid surface, such as metal, wood, or plastic, by applying a strong and consistent frictional force, especially from a buffing wheel. Somebody scratched my car! I'll have to take it to the shop to get it buffed out.
2. To conceal or remove minor flaws, imperfections, or damage, either physically (as from a surface) or figuratively (as from one's personality or background). Prior to his campaign, the candidate hired a PR firm to buff out some of his problems relating to younger voters. The groundskeeper buffed out the field ahead of the big game tonight.
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buff the muffin

vulgar slang To masturbate. A term usually applied to women. A: "Why is she all embarrassed today?" B: "Oh, her crush walked in on her buffing the muffin. How horrifying is that?"
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buff down

To make a solid surface (such as metal, wood, or plastic) smooth by removing imperfections with the application of a strong and consistent frictional force, especially from a buffing wheel. Somebody scratched my car, so I'll have to take it to the shop to get it buffed down.
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buff up

To make a surface (such as metal) smooth by rubbing it so that it shines. A noun can be used between "buff" and "up" or after "up." I buffed up my car so that it would look nice at the wedding.
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in the altogether

Naked. I keep having the dream where I walk into my high school in the altogether!

in the buff

slang Naked. I keep having the dream where I walk into my high school in the buff!
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buff something down

to polish or smooth something by buffing. I buffed the newly waxed table down with a cloth. I'm going to go out and buff down the car.
See also: buff, down

buff something up

to polish something to a shine. He buffed his shoes up and went out for the evening. He buffed up the antique silver platter.
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*in the altogether

 and *in the buff; *in the nude; *in the raw
Fig. naked; nude. (*Typically: be ~; get [into] ~; sleep ~.) The museum has a painting of some ladies in the buff. Mary felt a little shy about getting into the altogether. Bill says he sleeps in the raw.

in the altogether

Also, in or stripped to the buff ; in the raw. Naked, nude, as in The art class wanted a model to pose in the altogether, or She was stripped to the buff when the doorbell rang, or He always sleeps in the raw. The first of these colloquial terms dates from the late 1800s. In the buff, a seemingly modern locution dates from the 1600s, buff alluding to a soft, undyed leather, buffskin, that also gave its name to the color. The use of raw, presumably also alluding to raw (undressed) leather, dates from the early 1900s.

in the altogether

without any clothes on; naked. informal
1991 Today The mothers…have agreed to pose in the altogether.

in the buff

naked. informal
The original meaning of buff in English was ‘buffalo’, and it later came to mean ‘ox hide’ or ‘the colour of ox hide’. In the buff itself comes from buff leather, a type of yellowish-beige ox hide formerly used in military uniform, the colour of which was regarded as comparable to that of human skin.
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in the ˈbuff

(informal) wearing no clothes: I’m sure I saw him swimming in the buff!
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mod. strong; muscular. He has such buff legs! Does he have a job or does he just work out?
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See buffed

in the buff

mod. naked. You can save hundreds of dollars in a lifetime by not buying pajamas and sleeping in the buff instead.
See also: buff

in the buff

See also: buff
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Enquiries revealed that the amusement arcade on which Art Buff had appeared was subject to a lease.
It's one thing for a car buff to have their cleaning done professionally, and another for them to do it themselves.
However, everything didn't go to plan, and whilst chasing Paul into the chicane, Buff uncharacteristically understeered and slid off the track, awarding Paul a place in a final.
A favourite of the Queen Mother, it is a large docile and tame bird, buff in colour and very fluffy with a red comb.
Abrasive belts are 4000mm long and buffs are 960mm diameter, both much larger than is usual for manual operations.
They didn't come from the Buffs club, they just seemed to be passing by.
Rail buffs are always looking for something old, something rare," Cockburn says.
The Buff fleet's cumulative mission capable rate from March 2000 through March 2001 was 80.
T]he eyes of Watergate buffs tend to twinkle rather than stare.
Buff said Reed & Barton will begin raising the wholesale price of its better stainless in the third quarter by about 5 to 10 percent.
SAS, the leader in business analytics, today announced that Anne Buff will examine methods for managing diverse personalities and provide a model for understanding individual differences of team members at this week's 2012 Data Governance and Information Quality (DGIQ) Conference, taking place June 25-28 in San Diego, Calif.
Tenders are invited for Supply of Buff Vt Insole For Boot Dvs Size 8l
So when it was his time to make his speech, he introduced William using the new world he learned that day and said: "I know my eldest will now demonstrate his buff credentials.
I love looking at men's bodies that are beautiful and sculpted because it's a job that they do - if they are an athlete or a dancer - but if they are buff for the sake of being buff beyond a healthy lifestyle, I find it really vain.
Buff the glass with a car polisher and mild abrasive.