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budget (something) for (something)

To set aside a specific amount of something, often money or time, for something else (such as an expense or task). Did you budget enough money for all of your bills this month? I was almost late to class because I didn't budget enough time for editing my paper.
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budget crunch

A financial situation in which resources are limited. We're in a real budget crunch and can't afford a setback like this right now.
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budget dust

A small and/or inconsequential amount of money, often as remains after a larger budgeted amount is spent. To most people, $2,000 is a lot to spend on anything, but to the country's mega rich, it is merely budget dust. After paying for all of those repairs, only budget dust is left over.
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budget squeeze

A financial situation in which resources are limited. We're in a real budget squeeze and can't afford a setback like this right now.
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champagne taste on a beer budget

Expensive or extravagant tastes or preferences that are beyond one's economic means. I only earn minimum wage, but I can't stop buying designer clothes and eating at the best restaurants—I guess I've got champagne taste on a beer budget!
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informal One who tends to be fussy or particular, usually to an excessive or unnecessary degree. Primarily heard in US. Don't be such a fussbudget, huh? This really isn't a big deal. Of course Vanessa found some miniscule issue that no one else would have noticed. She's such a fussbudget.

shoestring budget

A budget or allotment of resources that is very meager, sparse, or just enough to suit its purpose. Unfortunately, due to government cutbacks following the recession, our department has had to produce the same levels of work on a shoestring budget. I did all sorts of traveling with just a shoestring budget when I was in college. You learn very quickly how to make the most of what you have!
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budget something for someone or something

to set aside a certain amount of money for someone or something. Did you budget some money for the holiday party? I budgeted a few hundred a month for Andrew's college expenses.
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budget for

To set aside some amount of money for something or someone: For the party, we budgeted $1,000 for musicians and food.
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mod. [of something] of low quality or cheap. Don’t you dare bring back any of that budget pizza!

budget dust

n. a minor amount of money considering the size of the entire budget; money left over at the end of the budget year. The amount is just budget dust, chump change! What’s the big deal?
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budget squeeze

and budget crunch
n. a situation where there is not enough money in the budget. Facing another budget squeeze, the legislators were forced to put off their pay increase. If it wasn’t for the budget crunch, I’d get a good raise this year.
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budget crunch

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He went on to say that the government's harsh budgetary steps would bring further economic instability and uncertainty in the country.
The press release said that electronic media has been flashing page 302 of this book which reflects the PM Office budget worth Rs1172 million for financial year 2019-20 against the existing budgetary allocation of Rs 986 million for FY 2018-19.
Sources said that neither the World Bank nor the ADB would disburse any budgetary support until the International Monetary Fund (IMF) approved the $6 billion bailout package that was likely to happen on July 3.
'The Kwara state ministry of agriculture and natural resources (MANR) and the Kwara state House of Assembly should create a forum for meaningful interaction of smallholder farmers, particularly, women farmers and civil society organizations in the budgetary processes for ownership and policy articulation', he said.
He said the high court's decision was meant to serve as reference for future budgetary actions and not penalize the officials who implemented the DAP.
2010--till present: the Reform of the budgetary institutions
Kuwait is emerging is another primary source for budgetary deficits in the GCC after Saudi Arabia.
Introducing state bonds and selling them as financial instruments, according to the professor, is generally acceptable instrument in the developed countries, especially in the Western economies where countries issue state bonds, in a form of treasury bills or securities, in order to secure funds on the financial market for financing budgetary needs.
Tariq Gulzar, Chief Financial Officer, Warid said on the agreement signing ceremony, The budgetary control automation is the parcel of Warid Telecom vision to utilize the technological aid in order to speed up the operations of the company and strengthen the internal control environment.
However, as European political deciders were still very reluctant to a formal and explicit coordination between their budgetary policies, they considered that such a coordination could only rely indirectly on the respect for fiscal discipline.
"The total investment, which is the Plan Outlay under budgetary sources, in the same year, was Rs.
Canadian Public Budgeting in the Age of Crises: shifting budgetary domains and temporal budgeting
By the Government's resolution on granting the budgetary loans of Kazagro, the Kazagro Holding financed 7 banks of the second level based on submitted applications for the subsequent financing of subjects of agrarian and industrial complex for supporting the spring sowing campaign in 2014, the press service of the Holding reported.
ySTANBUL (CyHAN)- A main opposition Republican People's Party (CHP) deputy chairman has submitted a parliamentary question directed at Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoy-an over Turkey providing direct budgetary support to Somalia.
As the Armenian National Statistical Service reported, the average salary at budgetary institutions for Jan-Nov 2013 versus Jan-Nov