budget for

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budget (something) for (something)

To set aside a specific amount of something, often money or time, for something else (such as an expense or task). Did you budget enough money for all of your bills this month? I was almost late to class because I didn't budget enough time for editing my paper.
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budget something for someone or something

to set aside a certain amount of money for someone or something. Did you budget some money for the holiday party? I budgeted a few hundred a month for Andrew's college expenses.
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budget for

To set aside some amount of money for something or someone: For the party, we budgeted $1,000 for musicians and food.
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The proposed 2020 budget for DICT is P5.15 billion, far from its approved budget this year at P7.14 billion.
The finance ministry issued Rs190-million supplementary budget for picking up litigation cost in the Karkey case which a Turkish power generation company filed against Pakistan.
Mr Kibe, who quoted a letter by the Controller of Budget dated October 26, castigated the executive for the legal anomalies found on the proposed budget.Among the issues raised by the Controller of Budget were inclusion of recurrent items in the development budget, failure to indicate and budget for pending bills and delay in establishment of an emergency fund Bill to cater for unforeseen occurrence.
The finance department officials said there was no official nod whether the incumbent government would seek authorisation of revised budget for the current financial year 2017-18 or present next three months' budget in the Punjab Assembly.
Deshmukh, the first Indian Governor of the Reserve Bank of India as well as the Finance Minister, presented an interim budget for 1951-52.
The BBA's FY2015 budget resolution provision also specifies various levels associated with mandatory spending and revenue in the absence of agreement on a concurrent resolution on the budget for FY2015.
* Increased the budget for financial management and development by $81,000 due to expected increases in realty tax and increase in depreciation ($60,000) now that General Synod owns its property 80 Hayden.
More than 1,000 governments across the United States and Canada now participate in the program, submitting copies of their annual or biennial budget for consideration.
As you prepare your operating budget for next year, think about the time-volume relationship of the fiber you transform from raw material to finished product (whatever the definition of finished is on your site or in your profit center).
In 2001, in its Budget for Fiscal Year 2002, the Bush administration projected that the federal government would enjoy a $262 billion surplus in 2004.
To advance America's interests around the world we need the dollars in the President's budget for FY2004.
The figures are communicated to the Commission by the Chairman of the Standing Committee December European Parliament adopts the EU Budget for 2003 (ca.
Portland's total school budget for the 2002-03 school year is $360 million, down $1 million from last year.
"We believe The Independent Budget for fiscal year 2003 makes a strong case for eliminating what appears to be a growing crisis in a VA health care system struggling to face soaring health care costs and rising demand from an aging veteran population," Mr.
The challenges you face both in shaping a budget for the coming year and in designing a longer-mn strategy for fiscal policy have been brought into sharp focus by the budget projections that have been released in the past month and a half.
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