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budge up

To shift one's position in order to make room for someone else. Usually said as a command or request. Primarily heard in UK. All right, budge up, you lot—make room for me!
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not budge an inch

To not move, change, or shift in any way at all. My brother doesn't budge an inch once he gets an idea in his head, so don't bother trying to reason with him. I can't believe how tight this bolt is on here—it won't budge an inch!
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won't budge an inch

Will not move, change, or shift in any way at all. Once my brother gets his mind made up, he won't budge an inch, so don't bother trying to reason with him. I can't believe how tight this bolt is on here—it won't budge an inch!
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not budge/give/move an ˈinch

refuse to change your position, decision, etc. even a little: We tried to negotiate a lower price but they wouldn’t budge an inch.
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His father was born in Edinburgh and Budge played two non-cap internationals against Sri Lanka last May.
A notable exception is Budge's first chapter, which lucidly argues that Radcliffe's heroines train their nerves against the dangers of fraudulent gothic overstimulation via perceptual access to the divine transcendence of nature, a training Radcliffe's novels, in turn, extend to her readers.
Love of detail is the name of the game for Budge. Her recipes are all homemade, and her culinary background allows her to freely play with flavors with confidence in her taste.
"Budge" refers to one's effort to move in a different direction, when she finds she has lost her way.
Nevertheless, the ratings draw comfort from the cheerful demand outlook with India being traditionally deficit in edible oil, its location benefits in light of the company's proximity to the storage unit and the Budge Budge Port, as well as the experience of its promoters in the segment, Fitch noted.
In his new role, Budge will support and educate TelVue's customers deploying and upgrading existing Campus Broadcast systems to High Definition, Digital and IPTV-based platforms.
When AF Budge Ltd, his aviation, engineering and mining company, fell victim to the recession later that year, it signalled the end of Budge's racing operation, which had constituted one of the few barriers to Arab domination of the sport.
At that moment, according to Budge in his Tennis Memoir (1969), Hitler rang from Berlin:
Supervisor Sheila Brooks said: "Budge was really nice and pleasant.
Newell has adopted a policy of aggressive growth since a pounds 14 million management buy-out backed by 3i this year, which saw co-founder Ann Budge take over the helm.
We decided that it would be a present for the player we had most enjoyed watching, Don Budge.
Canadian baby boomers, and those older, are likely to recall Budge Crawley as the lone filmmaker who provided a significant private voice in the 1950s and 1960s, opposing those heard from the government-funded media agencies, the NFB and CBC.
For the Mart Stam retrospective they have teamed up with Tecta, the chair manufacturers, to offer Stam's 'Kragstuhl' (developed from the prototype first shown at the Stuttgart Weissenhof exhibition housing in 1927), and with lighting manufacturers Technolumen to manufacture his 'Wandlampe', originally designed for the Henry and Emma Budge Old People's Home in Frankfurt, completed in 1929.
Richard Budge was popping the champagne corks once again in Doncaster last week.