buck for (something)

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buck for (something)

To pursue or work toward something. Joe and I are both bucking for the promotion. I know Amelia is bucking for that award, but I heard they're giving it to Jenny.
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buck for something

Sl. to work ambitiously for something, such as a promotion. I'm just bucking for recognition and, of course, a 20 percent raise. You can tell by her attention to the boss that she's bucking for promotion.
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buck for

Strive for, aim for, as in She's bucking for Editor of the Year. Strongly associated with seeking a promotion in the military, this expression originated in the late 1800s and is now applied more widely.
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I'm convinced natural breeding behavior requires testing of bucks for their first three years, fighting their way into the breeding pool before focusing all their efforts on breeding for the next two years.
In areas with heavy hunting pressure, you end up with only nocturnal 3-year-old bucks for both of these reasons.
Over the last 10 years, he has consistently killed mature Kansas giants that would qualify as once-in-a-lifetime bucks for most hunters.
Small herd owners, who need to breed their dairy goats so they can milk, often do not keep any bucks for a variety of reasons.
Send these guys 20 bucks for an issue, it'd be worth it, but hell, you can get away with sending a couple bucks: 17423 E Chenango Dr, Aurora, CO 80015
Customers can also receive, simply by asking at the customer service center, $5 in Auggie bucks for free, at one request per day.
com) and purchasing Fandango Bucks for friends, family members, work colleagues or anyone on their list across the U.
Greg Nixon has measured hundreds of Illinois bucks for Pope & Young and the Illinois Big Buck Club.
They compared the stress levels of bucks in a fenced herd that had over 100 deer per square mile and a sex ratio of two bucks for every doe with the stress levels of free-ranging bucks.
I realize some people don't have the opportunity to watch certain bucks for more than one year before someone shoots the deer, but we make every effort to let the bucks we hunt reach 4.
They would be good bucks for Arkansas, but I knew that there were bigger bucks there like the one I blew it on last year.