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It seems that buck-passers about value need to understand value solely in terms of the right kind of reasons.
Analogous Problems for Buck-Passers about Value Simpliciter
Although considering properties like admirability and enviability points to a WKR/RKR distinction that everyone should want to explain, life is harder for buck-passers about value simpliciter for this very reason.
If so, we should reject Schroeder's case for getting buck-passers about value simpliciter off the hook.
Notice that the first problem differs from a superficially similar "problem" sometimes mentioned for buck-passers. It has, of course, always been a question for buck-passers which pro-attitudes are the ones to which they should at bottom appeal.
(3) We add "it seems" because some buck-passers (e.g., Skorupski, The Domain of Reasons; Parfit, On What Matters) deny that there are wrong-kind reasons, and hence appeal to reasons, period, rather than right-kind reasons.
But mostly I love the fact that ordinary people are over-riding corporate buck-passers and setting up their own CCTV to catch the lowest of the low: care workers who steal from pensioners' purses or attack defenceless, mentally ill patients out of sadistic malice.
Moreover, Brewer argues that naturalistic buck-passers (like Scanlon) give an uninformative account of ethical attitudes like admiration and respect, which also require irreducible reference the agent's "seamless" evaluative apprehension.
Finally, Brewer contends that buck-passers cannot distinguish apparently real phenomenological differences in evaluative impressions like the majestic, debauched, courageous and stingy.
Brentano and the Buck-Passers, SVEN DANIELSSON and JONAS OLSON
Before getting to how our Brentano-style approach might offer a way out for Brentano and the buck-passers, they briefly consider and reject an interesting attempt to solve the WKR problem recently proposed by John Skorupski.
It couldn't happen to a nicer shower of buck-passers.
The point is, with some notable exceptions, many managers are prize buck-passers who would knife their granny to save their own skins.
He branded them a bunch of "buck-passers" and accused them of taking a derby win for granted.
On the whole, our troops in Iraq are lions, led by cowards, buck-passers, cynical opportunists and liars into the most shameless war a British prime minister has ever sanctioned.