buck for

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buck for (something)

To pursue or work toward something. Joe and I are both bucking for the promotion. I know Amelia is bucking for that award, but I heard they're giving it to Jenny.
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buck for something

Sl. to work ambitiously for something, such as a promotion. I'm just bucking for recognition and, of course, a 20 percent raise. You can tell by her attention to the boss that she's bucking for promotion.
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buck for

Strive for, aim for, as in She's bucking for Editor of the Year. Strongly associated with seeking a promotion in the military, this expression originated in the late 1800s and is now applied more widely.
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As for his involvement in the ``Magnificent Seven'' tour, McCaughey, who has known Buck for 14 years and was a sideman on the ``Monster'' tour, had asked his old friend along with Martin and a couple of members of Seattle's Posies to play on the Minus 5's new album, ``The Lonesome Death of Buck McCoy'' (Malt/Hollywood).
Still, Robert looked for that buck for several days but found no sign of it and concluded it survived.
I saw this buck for the first time of the season on November sixth.
Now, since Richard has MY buck on his wall, maybe he'll find an even bigger buck for me next year?
I hunted a buck for the last two seasons and in roughly 80 days of hunting him, I saw him just five times.
Whitetails expect the same, and an in-your-face meeting without even a flick of a tail could wire a buck for a string-jumping encounter.
Brenda had also drawn a tag for this area, so the pair had been scouting for a good buck for her.