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I know it's a lot different than setting a goal of shooting a buck above a certain antler score or age, which was my goal for a lot of years.
In the early morning of July 30, 1995, Buck broke into the Houston home of his ex-girlfriend, Debra Gardner, fatally shooting her and Kenneth Butler, whom he accused of sleeping with Gardner, court documents show.
Regardless of whether a buck lives in an agricultural area or dense forest, antler size almost always increases each year as a buck matures.
As shed season approached, Steve checked his cameras and discovered an exceptional buck had shown up mid-December in the same area where Cassidy had killed her deer.
Another reason that dairy goat keepers prefer to keep bucks and does separate is the buck smell.
The American Commitment spurred healthy increases in the company's Idaho workforce, as Buck brought back the production of many knives that had been outsourced.
Because the bucks aren't looking for ladies yet, you'll need a buck decoy in a non-threatening pose--feeding.
An article Pearl Buck wrote for the Ladies Home Journal in May 1950 eventually became a book titled "The Child Who Never Grew.
At the time of the Cell paper, Buck was a postdoctoral fellow in Axel's lab at Columbia.
Buck has spent the last 30 years directing financial aid services at a number of universities, including UCLA, Rice University (TX), Rutgers (NJ), the University of Wisconsin, and the University of Utah.
This one is a little heavy on the names, though, Send a buck or two: 8890 SW Birch St, Portland, OR 97223
And in the process, Buck hopes it injects some added consumer patronage of local businesses.
The gay love story in Chuck and Buck has many an odd and surprising twist--and so has the movie's creator and star, Michael White
The Big Buck Brewery and Steakhouse of Gaylord, MI, reports it has closed on a $7.
Most editors of Herbert, including Di Cesare's own widely used edition (George Herbert and the Seventeenth-Century Religious Poets), rely on the first edition of The Temple printed by Thomas Buck in 1633.