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The gist of this disagreement was that Texans, with their larger ranches and seemingly endless supply of bucks, thought spike yearlings should be removed from the herd as soon as possible.
This all combines to give more hunters a crack at the buck of a lifetime each season.
Many hunters associate a buck's larger home range with increased age, but is this true?
While the small herd of antlerless deer browsed aimlessly under my stand, a giant buck appeared at the edge of the thicket just 30 yards away and intently stared in my direction.
DEC wildlife biologists are encouraged by a trend toward taking older bucks that emerged from the 2017 deer harvest: an estimated 57,494 adult bucks--53.3 percent of the total adult buck harvest--averaged 2.5 years or older, a record in total number and greatest percentage of older bucks in the harvest.
It has come a long way through the years, but still remains a customer favorite," said CJ Buck, CEO and chairman of Buck Knives.
There's no disagreement that Buck, now 53, gunned down two people, including his ex-girlfriend, more than 20 years ago.
Another reason that dairy goat keepers prefer to keep bucks and does separate is the buck smell.
"What Big Buck's has done is absolutely incredible, and I'm so proud," Poulat says with tears in his eyes.
Because the bucks aren't looking for ladies yet, you'll need a buck decoy in a non-threatening pose--feeding.
We are often asked, "Why did you name your center Pearl Buck?" Pearl Buck was not only a Pulitzer Prize-winning author, she was the first American woman awarded the Nobel Prize for literature.
Clancy is considered the originator of the techno- military genre but Nowlan did it first with 'Buck Rogers.' Nowlan's accurate scientific predictions and solid military action adventure stories exploded into the writing scene at the time graphic tales and movies needed new subjects.
The researchers, Richard Axel of Columbia University and Linda Buck of the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center in Seattle, will share the nearly $1.4 million prize.
"HEY JOE," someone says, kind of low, like Jimi Hendrix, but shy, too--"Hey Joe Buck." Jon Voight, who is Joe Buck, is slouching toward a voice.