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These are the cheery words of Charo, who is still around and hasn't aged a bit since her bubbleheaded stint as the bust-shimmying, hip-churning cuchi-cuchi girl on the old Hollywood Squares 30-some-odd years ago.
Nor have any of the Beltway bubbleheaded blisterpacks on the all-Monica-all-the-time cable yakshows quit in embarrassment and humiliation, renouncing lucrative lecture fees, after being totally wrong in public about almost everything important ever since the 1989 collapse of the nonprofit police states of Eastern Europe.
Gretel and her older brother Jason, a bright boy seemingly well on his way to Ivy League success, endure their parents' rancorous divorce and their father's quick remarriage to a bubbleheaded woman ten years younger than their mother.
It's hard to describe the weird enchantment of a medium that enables you to sit alone in your home office and audit the bubbleheaded chitchat of Monica and Linda.
But it is not enough because it leaves the impression that the "real" images on "real" news programs are somehow untainted by manipulation or interpretation or, worse still, a bubbleheaded lack of interpretation.
Cyndee was a living rebuke to the bubbleheaded stereotype of blond TV anchorladies.
Unlike the middle-class family imperiled in original "Hills," these characters are immediately annoying enough to qualify as ready cannon fodder: There's the suburban white boy desperately seeking "gangsta"-dom, the gloomy Goth chick, two bubbleheaded blondes, etc.
Gone is the lighthearted notion that you could be a giggly, bubbleheaded heterosexual girl and have a heart that's young and gay.
At the start of her senior year, all bubbleheaded, newly anointed cheer squad captain Torrance Shipman (Kirsten Dunst) can apply her limited reserves of serious thought to is maintaining her upscale alma mater's stellar reputation as America's handstand Harvard.