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De Guiche, who had been looking among the different boats for one stronger than the others, which might offer a chance of reaching the English vessels, perceiving the pilot-boat getting ready to start, said to Raoul: "Do you not think, Raoul, that intelligent and vigorous men, as we are, ought to be ashamed to retreat before the brute strength of wind and waves?
White Fang was glad to acknowledge his lordship, but it was a lordship based upon superior intelligence and brute strength.
No amount of scolding or cuffing would suffice to make him release me, and I was entirely at the mercy of his brute strength unless I cared to use my dagger upon him with my left hand; but, mad or no, I had not the heart to run the sharp blade into that faithful body.
When something thwarted him, his sole idea was to overcome it by brute strength and ferocity, and so now when he found his way blocked, he tore angrily into the leafy screen and an instant later found himself within a strange lair, his progress effectually blocked, notwithstanding his most violent efforts to forge ahead.
The start list consisted of 43 of the most promising cyclists in the continent with Krog and his coach, Ednalyn Calitis Hualda, proving that cycling, among others, is not a battle of brute strength and stamina, but also more of scientific approach suited to the rider and the route.
It was just sheer luck and brute strength that we [got] her up the ladder.
8 GINI WIJNALDUM Won the ball high up a couple of times with pure brute strength, like his neighbour Kenny Dalglish.
Lacking the brute strength and speed of men climbers, Tabei made up for both with discipline, determination, good sense, and strength of will.
The problem is those hard materials were previously necessary to produce the kind of brute strength engineers were looking for.
On the day, he was unplayable - taunting the Bolton defence with a tantalising cocktail of explosive pace, brute strength and an incisive final ball.
Elite Brute Strength and Elite Brute Force supplements provide energy and endurance to extend your workout, as well as replenishing proteins and carbohydrates to aid in recovery.
All nine contenders were cheered on by dozens of spectators who turned out at the gym to see the hopefuls showcase their brute strength.
If you are partial to physical force over nuanced skill, the musclemen's gravity-defying show of brute strength won't disappoint.
Ade Azeez 8 Brute strength, pace and power - looped a fabulous header home.
It's certainly a unique story, a fascinating glimpse into pre-civilisation humanity, where brute strength and spiritual mysticism reign supreme.