broad strokes

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broad (brush) strokes

Vague or non-specific terms. I don't need every detail of the event—just tell me about it in broad brush strokes. Describe your idea in broad strokes, just so I can get a sense of it.
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broad strokes


broad brushstrokes

If you describe or show something in broad strokes or in broad brushstrokes, you describe or show only the main or general points or features of it and not the fine or exact details. The speech will lay out in broad strokes the two candidates' differing approaches towards how best to stimulate the economy. There's very little subtlety in the play. Its characters are painted in broad brushstrokes. Note: The image here is of an artist painting a picture roughly or quickly.
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Dark squiggly lines threaten to find figurative form before either petering out to nothing or bumping into a few fat brushstrokes that stop them in their tracks.
What to buy From above, the geometric print top from Net-a-Porter, Topshops 'Geo print scarf, the 'confetti' Eastpak backpack and Zara's 'brushstroke' scarf
The neck in "Ulla," with its jarring differences between the thin line that defines the right chin and the bold diagonal brushstroke that suggests the sternodeidomastoid muscle, amplifies a sense of volume.
The choice of color was wild but brushstrokes were contained within the enclosure of the dancers' bodies.
Try to complete shorter pieces of trim with a continuous laying-off brushstroke.
An online "buy a brushstroke" appeal has been launched by the Tate Britain art gallery in an attempt to keep an 1842 watercolour by JMW Turner in Britain, after committing GBP2m of its own funds towards buying the painting.
Painters who want a quick, photo-filled guide to brush strokes and their results will want to keep THE BRUSHSTROKE HANDBOOK: THE ULTIMATE GUIDE TO DECORATIVE PAINTING WITH BRUSHSTROKES close at hand.
What does Todd Williams, who moves like a calligraphy master's brushstroke, do in phase three of his career?
Each short chapter is like a brushstroke on her portrait of the time and the place.
RFR Holding LLC and the Gagosian Gallery will be celebrating the installation of the Roy Lichtenstein sculpture "Brushstroke" on the Seagram Building plaza, 375 Park Ave., with a free, open-to-the-public concert by soprano saxophonist Steve Lacy on Nov.
Various other large sculptures range from a 32-foot-high "Brushstroke Group" of 1988 to the actual 1977 BMW 320i rally car--the artist-decorated "Lichtenstein Art Car"--which competed in the 1977 Le Mans 24-hour race, to the 12-foot-high "Brushstroke Nude" (1993), a towering, colorfully painted, cast aluminum piece.
These models painted with so broad a brushstroke that they could not portray details of the cosmic structures.
For example, in Time Elapsed, 2015, a brushstroke of pink left dripping in an apocalyptic scene is lightly touched over, allowing one to imagine the presence of the moon against the fluid background painted in dark hues and turquoise; in Light in the Cloud, 2014, a few thin, bright, crisscrossing brushstrokes at the top interrupt the work's dark, earthy background; the pink and fluorescent yellow in Sea Pictures seem to dribble off as they hang in the sky over the distant mountain.
Money raised by the public includes pounds 73,000 pledged through a 'buy a brushstroke' campaign for people to sponsor pounds 5 brushstrokes on the painting.