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Oral-B GENIUS sets a new standard in the industry, and will forever change how people approach brushing their teeth," says Stephen Squire, global marketing director at Cincinnati-based P&G, manufacturer of the Oral-B brand.
The new Genius technology protects gums from overaggressive brushing by visually indicating when too much pressure is applied, automatically slowing down the brush head speed and stopping the pulsations.
The design of this innovative toothbrush corrects maladaptive brushing habits and fosters healthy practices.
At three months follow up it was observed that more patients in powered brushing had no plaque (0 score) or lower plaque score (1 score).
Consumer Reports dented adviser Jay Friedman says that while it might not be as important to use an electric brush for those with healthy teeth and gums--people who don't currently have gingivitis--an electric brush might be better for those who "have arthritis or a dexterity problem that makes thorough brushing difficult.
The toothpaste is formulated to foam evenly throughout brushing.
5 minutes of brushing time, a removable storage unit for travel, and four rotary brushes and four interdental brushes.
The EVO model is unique in that it provides the latest oral care innovation "while making brushing fun, " a Brush Buddies spokesman said.
The Crest SpinBrush Pro Recharge features a rechargeable battery with two weeks of power brushing.