brush by

brush by (someone or something)

To quickly pass by and lightly touch someone or something. The man brushed by us so that he could board the bus. Be sure not to brush by this wall while the paint is still drying.
See also: brush, by

brush by someone or something

 and brush past someone or something
to push quickly past someone or something. She brushed by the little group of people standing there talking. I brushed by the plant, knocking it over.
See also: brush, by
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Clients can derive insights into the total available market, serviceable available market, and the serviceable obtainable market for carbon brush by using the intelligence offered in the report.
Meanwhile, Kolibree said its connected electric toothbrush provides an easy way to monitor whether people are "doing an A+ job or a C- one" when they brush by tracking their brushing progress and displaying it on a mobile dashboard accessible via a smartphone.
Tesco make-up Powder Brush by Barbara Daly - pounds 5.74
Suspend the brush by the handle so the bristles hang straight and are entirely immersed.