brush against

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brush against (someone or something)

To pass by and lightly touch someone or something. Be sure not to brush against this wall while the paint is still drying. Did you see the beautiful woman who just brushed against me?
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brush (up) against someone or something

to touch someone or something lightly in passing. I brushed up against the freshly painted wall as I passed. I guess I brushed against Walter as I walked by.
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But if some buyers aren't heading out east any time soon, there's a New York City option for those hoping to brush against Cooper's fame: the CNN star recently bought a former firehouse in the West Village at 84 West 3rd Street.
There are few herbs which provide as much visual interest as thyme, partly because there are so many varieties which produce loads of tiny flowers in summer and masses of scent when you brush against them or run your fingers through them.
He's always fancied girls with straight, blonde hair and tries to sit close to them in pubs and bars so he can secretly brush against it.
The growth would weep when I would brush against it so I decided to have it removed.
As the coated bacteria pass the tabs supporting the rotor, they brush against them but keep moving.
For example, he may use it for art hung in a tight spot where visitors may brush against a painting and dislodge it.
His fingers brush against mine, encircling the weed.
You may have already considered pond safety for toddlers and the need to put potentially lethal garden tools out of reach, but curious children may also put flowers or leaves into their mouths which are poisonous, while uninformed gardeners may brush against something which sets off an allergic reaction.
Safe: The tie is tucked into the doctor's white coat, stopping it from picking up and transferring germs; Danger: A flapping tie can brush against patients infected with MRSA, then transfer the bug to others; Danger: MRSA
Place scented pelargoniums in pots along paths, where you can brush against them and encourage the leaves to release their fantastic scent.
The woman was walking along Longfellow Road, in Wyken, Coventry, yesterday afternoon when she felt the youth brush against her.
Even a seemingly insignificant brush against coral can remove its protective mucus coating, making it vulnerable to algae infestation, and .
Nurses and physicians may grab curtains or brush against them repeatedly--and then by shaking a patient's hand, touching a lunch tray, or changing bedding, deliver the germs they've picked up.
D'Amato also raises the most famous carnivorous plant of all, the Venus flytrap: when insects brush against the flytrap's "trigger hairs," the plant's "jaws" snap shut, trapping hapless insects inside.
He advised that landscaping should be carefully watched to ensure there is no dead brush against the building, but noted that with a fire of this intensity, the only defense against such leaping flames were major fire breaks of highways and bulldozed areas.