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bruised and battered

Injured and/or thoroughly worn down, as from an assault or an exhausting, physically trying experience. He drank too much at the bar, got into a fight, and showed up at our door all bruised and battered. The home team, though bruised and battered, emerged victorious from the tough match.
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cruising for a bruising

slang Acting in a way that is likely to result in punishment or harm. Oh, you're cruising for a bruising talking to me like that!
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cruising for a bruising

 and cruisin' for a bruisin'
Sl. asking for trouble. You are cruising for a bruising, you know that? Who's cruisin' for a bruisin'?
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cruising for a bruising

heading or looking for trouble. informal, chiefly North American
1998 Times The problem…is the unrealistic value of the Hong Kong dollar…it has been cruising for a bruising for most of last year.
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mod. alcohol intoxicated. I am bruised. My head hurts, and my gut feels yucky.
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cruising for a bruising

and cruisin’ for a bruisin’
in. asking for trouble. You are cruising for a bruising, you know that?
See also: bruise, cruise
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However, one of the genes we isolated was turned off during bruising, presenting us with another puzzle to solve," says Parsons.
"It did alarm me a bit." Dr Lynch said she was surprised at the bruises because they were between his shoulder blades, adding: "It's an area difficult to get bruising on.
The purpose of this study was to compare pain and bruising associated with subcutaneous injection of the LMWH enoxaparin at two sites: abdomen and arm.
Bruising on multiple sites was not in the study's model, but also is suggestive of child abuse, Dr.
Dr Steel said: "There was multiple bruising to the abdomen, which is usually caused by significant trauma.
Under cross-examination Dr Ward said some of the injuries, such as bruising to the forehead and elbow, could have been caused by accident.
The mean International Knee Documentation Committee (IKDC) score of patients with bruising was 70 at follow-up compared with 70.6 for those without bruising.
* Shared-risk language in the admission documents regarding falls skin tears, bruising, etc.
The longer the delay, the more swelling, bruising and inflammation you will endure, and research suggests that delaying can result in longer recovery times.
Another bruise was recorded at the rim of his ear, and bruising was noted on his forehead.
"It is a bit of bruising so you can never say exactly when it will be," Grundy said.
Q Recently I've noticed that I've been bruising quite easily and while it doesn't look that great, I wasn't particularly bothered until a friend mentioned that she'd heard it can often be a sign of a more sinister condition.
Home Office pathologist Dr Jennifer Hamilton said 23 bruises and abrasions had been found on Matthew's body including "bruising to his hands and the tear to his lip which seemed to be more recent".
The boot will protect bruising at the top of Totti's foot which makes it painful for him to hit the ball hard.
They included bruising and abrasions on his forehead, bruising and fractures on his cheeks, a cut on his right temple and bruising and puncture wounds inside his mouth.