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bruised and battered

Injured and/or thoroughly worn down, as from an assault or an exhausting, physically trying experience. He drank too much at the bar, got into a fight, and showed up at our door all bruised and battered. The home team, though bruised and battered, emerged victorious from the tough match.
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cruising for a bruising

slang Acting in a way that is likely to cause trouble. Oh, you're cruising for a bruising, talking to me like that!
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cruising for a bruising

 and cruisin' for a bruisin'
Sl. asking for trouble. You are cruising for a bruising, you know that? Who's cruisin' for a bruisin'?
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cruising for a bruising

heading or looking for trouble. informal, chiefly North American
1998 Times The problem…is the unrealistic value of the Hong Kong dollar…it has been cruising for a bruising for most of last year.
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mod. alcohol intoxicated. I am bruised. My head hurts, and my gut feels yucky.
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cruising for a bruising

and cruisin’ for a bruisin’
in. asking for trouble. You are cruising for a bruising, you know that?
See also: bruise, cruise
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Inspectors reported: "We saw a number of body maps in the accident and incident folders which showed a number of people had recent unexplained bruises.
Leon Popovitz did not personally treat Teixeira, he comments that "bone bruises may take months to fully heal.
Bruises are bluish or purplecoloured patches that appear because tiny blood vessels beneath the skin burst and leak blood into the soft tissue.
She had a large bruise on her left cheek, and faded bruises on her forehead and below the eye.
To determine the significance of bruises in cases of infant death to ascertain if their presence was associated with other injuries or homicide, all cases of infants aged between seven and 364 days who were autopsied at Forensic Science South Australia were reviewed over a nine-year period from June 1999 to May 2008.
It's one of the reasons children and the elderly tend to bruise more easily, as they don't generally have the same protection afforded by fat - particularly on the arms and legs.
Older adults often bruise easily because of gradual changes that take place in the layer of far just below the skin surface.
The color of a bruise ("black and blue") will help date its onset.
Nelson's Arnica Cream (from chemists) Arnica is the ideal treatment for kids' bruises as it's natural and very safe to use.
Q I play football and seem to bruise more easily than my team-mates.
Moore's role: Dorrell said he expected to use quarterback Matt Moore in a more meaningful role against the Wildcats as the one-time Bruins starter continues his return from a bone bruise below his left knee.
UCLA sophomore quarterback Matt Moore received promising news Sunday when an MRI revealed a severe bone bruise below his left knee but no ligament damage.
Troy Glaus left the Angels' 3-2 loss to the Tampa Bay Devil Rays with a right-shoulder bruise he suffered diving for Lugo's bunt.
He still had the bruise on his face which doctors said was from the crash.
The MRI revealed only a deep bone bruise, but Eckstein, after trying to swing the bat Saturday, did no baseball-related activities Sunday and his hand was wrapped thickly in ice after the Angels' 8-5 victory over the Florida Marlins.