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browse on (something)

To nibble or graze on plants, as of an animal. What can I do to keep animals from browsing on my plants?
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browse over

To casually or quickly look over something. Just browse over the pamphlet—you don't have to read it word for word.
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browse among something

1. [for an animal] to wander about among plants and trees, selecting and eating some. The deer were browsing among the vegetables in my garden. The cows were browsing among the grasses in the field.
2. [for someone] to look at or survey different items of reading material. I browsed among the books on the rack until I found what I wanted. I browsed among the books for something suitable.
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browse on something

[for an animal] to feed on some kind of plant material. The deer browsed on the tender shoots in my garden. The rabbit browsed on my carrots.
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browse over something

 and browse through something
[for someone] to glance through written or printed material quickly or curiously. Why don't you browse over this and call me about it in the morning? I want to browse through this magazine quickly. When it has been browsed through by everyone, throw it away.
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and browse
in. to eat a bit of everything at parties. We will just graze on party snacks rather than eat a full meal. I think I’ll just browse here and skip going out to dinner.


See graze
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These positive feedbacks between shoot browsing during winter, the higher quality of regrown leaves, and subsequent browsing are the opposite of that noted for leaves that had been stripped by moose during summer (Miquelle 1983) or wounded by insects during summer (Haukioja et al.
Bateman (1977) suggested that Canada yew (Taxus canadensis) would be the first species to decline as a result of moose browsing in the Park.
Cellicium, a wholly owned subsidiary of Esmertec, is recognized for its proven experience in providing major wireless operators with powerful USSD Browsing services.
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Guided Navigation mimics the human discovery process by integrating the two most common means of finding information online -- searching and browsing - allowing users to continually adapt and hone their search based on their own determination of relevancy.
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