browse among

browse among (something)

1. To nibble or graze on plants, as of an animal. What can I do to keep animals from browsing among my plants?
2. To consider all of the options presented, often of reading material. Don't worry about me, I'll just browse among the magazines while I'm waiting.
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browse among something

1. [for an animal] to wander about among plants and trees, selecting and eating some. The deer were browsing among the vegetables in my garden. The cows were browsing among the grasses in the field.
2. [for someone] to look at or survey different items of reading material. I browsed among the books on the rack until I found what I wanted. I browsed among the books for something suitable.
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References in classic literature ?
Miss Maxwell's sitting-room was lined on two sides with bookshelves, and Rebecca was allowed to sit before the fire and browse among the books to her heart's delight for an hour or more.
An unhurried lunch would mean I can browse among the wine shelves while waiting for my Dinuguan Risotto (preparation time: 25 minutes) and then have the Tarta Rusa Imperial for dessert afterward.
For the ultimate pet bonding experience, browse among bookshelves at the Grove Arcade with a glass of bubbly while your furry friend cozies up next to you.
The cattle and deer graze on wildflowers and grasses but they also browse among shrubs and trees.
Beauty experts staff Hy-Vee's beauty departments, and shoppers can browse among mainstream cosmetics brands such as CoverGirl, Maybelline, Alma y, Revlon and Neutrogena, and find luxury-brand cosmetics from Stila, Smashbox, The Balm and Bare Minerals.
Bank holiday visitors were able to watch the racing in the bay and browse among the food stalls.
Visit Father Christmas's Grotto, meet his reindeer, glide on the real ice rink, browse among the stalls at the Beamish Christmas Bazaar, explore the beautifully decorated homes and shops, hear traditional music and song and enjoy seasonal food and drink.
Users may search for courses in individual topics, courses offered by specific providers, or browse among provider and course listings.
Shoppers can browse among vintage and contemporary fashions, and buy handmade jewellery, art and photography and much more.
SK Broadband's subscribers can now browse among 20 HD services on 2 mosaic TV channels and from there select what service to view in full screen.
Cllr Mike Smith, Stock-k ton Council's cabinet member for regeneration and transport, said: "Don't miss this chance to browse among the stalls in Wellington Square and make sure you try all the new flavours and tempting food on offer to eat on the go or take away and enjoy at home later."
Gill said: "This is a great site for someone just wanting to browse among the bargains because frankly, every one is a gem."
A long and huge neck, its mobile upper lip, pillar like legs enabled the animal to browse among the higher branches of trees.
Enjoy fresh seafood and live music, or browse among crafters and their creations--all to benefit Our Lady Of the Gulf Catholic Church.