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browse on (something)

To nibble or graze on plants, as of an animal. What can I do to keep animals from browsing on my plants?
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browse over

To casually or quickly look over something. Just browse over the pamphlet—you don't have to read it word for word.
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browse among something

1. [for an animal] to wander about among plants and trees, selecting and eating some. The deer were browsing among the vegetables in my garden. The cows were browsing among the grasses in the field.
2. [for someone] to look at or survey different items of reading material. I browsed among the books on the rack until I found what I wanted. I browsed among the books for something suitable.
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browse on something

[for an animal] to feed on some kind of plant material. The deer browsed on the tender shoots in my garden. The rabbit browsed on my carrots.
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browse over something

 and browse through something
[for someone] to glance through written or printed material quickly or curiously. Why don't you browse over this and call me about it in the morning? I want to browse through this magazine quickly. When it has been browsed through by everyone, throw it away.
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and browse
in. to eat a bit of everything at parties. We will just graze on party snacks rather than eat a full meal. I think I’ll just browse here and skip going out to dinner.


See graze
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In 1996 the content from the Scout Report and related Scout publications began to be collected into a searchable and browsable online database labeled the Scout Archives.
com includes browsable garden collections, searchable plant information, and useful tips for selecting plants.
Hazen suggests that, from the perspective of a human browser, close-at-hand physical collections of books and journals are eminently more browsable than remote access to electronic text-bearing devices and their surrogates, including indexing entries, abstracts, and bibliographic records.
We've made it easy for users to find clips on CriticalPast by including a description for each video and making the collection browsable as well as searchable by keywords, dates, locations, and more," said Jim Erickson, Co-Founder of CriticalPast.
Much of the showroom's selection is browsable online, and Mr.
The electronic edition contains full-text search with boolean operators; 17 browsable keyword indexes; hyperlinks enable instant access/previews of other reference topics; web and email access to chemical manufacturers; click and go table of contents .
With the wide variety of clothing available in our browsable closet, combined with quick delivery and free 365-day returns, parents can help their kids feel ready to take on the world one thread at a time.
Software tests are generated from high-level models without user intervention, complete with browsable documentation and executable test scripts in industry standard formats like Python, TCL, or TTCN-3.
The Jamcast API enables rapid development of plugins that deliver media streams and browsable metadata to network media players and other DLNA devices.
Convenient links to the full text of LEO related California Codes and federal statutes - browsable, printable, and searchable across all titles
We think fans of the show will find the Flipboard edition of Colbert Nation highly browsable and addictive.
We will also be giving away pens and clocks, and USB Flash sticks loaded with a free Liberty Viewer for viewing Liberty files in a browsable organized manner.
The GOINGS ON app's extended listings are browsable by category (movies, art, night life, music, dance, theatre, readings and talks, and restaurants); all events can be filtered by date and location; and interactive maps show users event and restaurant locations.
The company's flagship product, Conformiq Qtronic, generates software tests from high-level models without user intervention, complete with browsable documentation and executable test scripts in industry standard formats like Python, TTCN-3 and TCL.