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Initially, Kali says she felt that she was being shamed for her appearance, and denied that she was trying to use brownness as aesthetic.
(22) Sexism has a direction; often aimed at particular understandings of blondeness or brownness, of dress, of youth, and of skin, cleavage, form.
Rotate to get an even brownness. When they are a medium to dark brown, they are done.
She convection-roasted country ribs to brownness and cut them thin, along the grain, for presentation....
We are beautiful and unique in our blackness, darkness or brownness. There is something great inside of us and that greatness is not determined by the colour of our skin.
Suggesting an analogy between the writer who sculpts the poem and the reader who judges and interprets the speaker, Coleman writes: "thus you hold me / frozen in your doubtful vision / in your study of my brownness." Coleman anticipates a sceptical reader, a reader tethered to preconceived notions of who the speaker might be, and a reader specifically bent on analysing the speaker as a raced subject, perhaps demanding, as the poem does, "the familiarity of her flesh," a reader whose implied--though unarticulated--whiteness disproportionately empowers her as a cultural authority.
There was a dryness about them, a brownness, a sense of oncoming decay.
Cinnamon-colored skin, pregnant bodies, and an aging mother find themselves at the center of her creative writing--incarnations of bodies that reflect the commodification of brownness as well as the fleeting embodied experience of pregnancy and meeting the end of life.
(Remember, brownness equals flavor.) Add asparagus tips, and saute for a few minutes longer.
Because you are forced to placate the blinded White heart, Less be trapped in a forever illogical argument An argument that drives you to the brink Othellian or McBethian madness, For as you clearly see the White spot upon the Brownness of your hands The evil lago acts as if it were not there Why are you washing your hands?
NDC-Infrared Engineering, a specialist in online and at-line measurements of moisture, fat, protein, oil and Degree of Bake (surface brownness) for food processes has completely redesigned its website and published a new, industry-specific brochure.
Before I delve deeper, there are many humanists who so love humanity that they empathetically acknowledge and see, in a Freirean (1993) sense, beyond my Brownness and almond-shaped eyes to recognize that I am a human being complete with rightful emotions in response to coping in a racialized society.