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Spinach leaves and bags were selected using guidelines suggested by experts in food safety and in the industry: leaves with excessive brownness were avoided, as were bags with excessive water in them.
Brown: The Last Discovery of America (2002) is Rodriguez's extended discussion of brownness, impurity, and desire as fully materialized in race--or, more specifically, skin colour.
I asked, in the middle of a billion acres of brownness.
Since the hills are both brown and green, one might align Ran with the green color of the hills, as a fertility god, while Eugene represents the childless brownness of the peaks.
The use of newspapers in collage, repeated in many more treatments of the subject included in this exhibition, has roots in Cubism, and time has now aged these 1970s cuttings to standard Cubist brownness.
The jury was impressed by the calm assurance of this interior project, though some members were worried about its general air of heavy brownness.
A design company in Cambridge have come up with the first toaster which can sense the bread's degree of brownness.
What made me want to rebel was being in a society that wanted to crush me, my lusts, my brownness, my class," she says.
Ironically, in the society where blackness and brownness has historically been almost tantamount to a condemnation to poverty, prejudice against the poor brought from Korea is brought together with home-grown U.
First, it rejects claims towards neutrality, objectivity, color-blindness, and meritocracy, arguing that these notions systematically devalue Blackness and Brownness by privileging and normalizing Whiteness.
Two super-sized potato pancakes (we split one and took one home, along with about half the ribeye, to devour with eggs the next morning) proved to be the apotheosis of hash brownness, crisp and brown without, moist and fluffy within.
Emphasizing the "pigmentative" qualities of Renay's and Terry's skin--Renay's golden brownness and Terry's whiteness--the narrator reiterates both the interracial-ness and racial difference between them; yet, it locates their sameness--asserting their breasts were like "twins," signifying their commonness--especially biologically and physiologically.