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Bartletts should be pale to rich yellow, Anjou or Comice should be light green to yellowish green, Bosc should be greenish yellow to brownish yellow.
08 grams of brownish substance with traces of shabu.
Head black with grayish microtomentum; orbital plates subshiny black without microtomentum; ocellar triangle black without microtomentum; lunule small, yellow with brownish yellow margin.
Coloration greenish yellow with a pair of hardly lighter (yellowish) stripes along lateral edges of disc, light brown area between them, yellowish proximal half of tegminal Sc, brownish both its distal half and stridulatory vein of upper tegmen, brown both plectrum of lower tegmen and majority of longitudinal veins in hind wings, semitransparent rest of wing venation, and transparent membranes of all wings (hind legs missing).
After all, he can't go through life leaping like a startled giraffe when he sees a girl with longish, brownish hair.
But as soon as Jones saw one of the mangabeys there, he says that he knew the brownish color and high crest of hair were all wrong for a sanje mangabey.
Tidy piles of mulch, arranged one next to the other with minimalist precision, are dispersed by the pair with large, broomlike implements, turning the land from a brownish hue at the beginning of the film to near black.
30pm, police are looking for white men of slim to medium build, aged between 25 and 35 and with short fair to brownish hair.
Q: I take good care of my lawn, but the grass always has a brownish look to it.
Its contents were brownish, tenacious, and gelatinous.
Hues range from greenish for birds who feed on plant seeds and green vegetables, to brownish for brown birdseed, and reddish for strawberries.
This lasts for a few weeks when it turns rough, thickened and brownish in colour, particularly on the palms of the hand.
A row of seated dancers, dressed in an ingenious variety of brownish grunge outfits by Stephen Galloway, watch the complex, passionate dances that draw from, yet move far beyond, balletic parameters.
1 from a slightly brownish gabbro containing sulphides average 0.
Thorax entirely brownish yellow or brown with three dark stripes 3 --.