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Labial palpus 1st segment dark brown, intermixed with pale brown scales; 2nd and 3rd segments brownish white, mottled with dark brown at middle; scale tuft on 2nd segment, white with dark brown tip.
Legs slender, yellow, with hind coxa slightly brownish basally.
Mating scallops were divided into 2 types of shell colors: bright orange (O) and brownish purple (P).
COLORATION: Similar to males, differing as follows: Head: Brown, more fuscous along frontal sutures and undersurface, buccula pale brownish yellow; eyes dark brown, tinged with red along margins.
There was observed a significant decrease in the destruction of ascorbic acid and the formation of brownish compounds in the nanocomposite packs containing 0.
The sculpture, carved out of brownish limestone, is now kept for further examination at the office of Archives Archaeology and Museum in Srinagar.
More pointed rectrices with a deeper white triangle at the tip (>5 mm along shaft) and brownish along outer webs not extending toward the shaft may represent HY/SYs; more study needed.
For example, spirulina is sourced from the blue-green algae plant of the same name; caramel is a brownish color produced through heat-treatment of corn syrup or sugar; and riboflavin is an orange-yellow compound in the vitamin B complex that naturally occurs in foods such as vegetables and milk.
He had a grey beard and mustache and collar-length brownish hair.
And it equally unrealistically emphasises the green roofs (sedum is more a brownish pink) and the density of the suggested vegetation.
Using pruning shears, cut 1/2 to 1 inch above the fruit so the calyx (the green or brownish cap) remains intact.
Propolis, also known as bee glue and bee propolis, is a brownish resinous substance collected by bees mainly from poplar and conifer buds and used to seal their hives.
Give them the finest quality basmati rice, and they will prefer only the brownish fatty "Motta rice".
He loved Quintela's sun-bleached caramel hair, her perfect olive skin, her brownish eyes with the tiniest pupils God ever gave anyone, and the way she dressed her 5-foot-4, size 2 frame.
Abdominal paracentesis was performed the day before surgery, and 2 L of thick brownish fluid was extracted.