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The boy is 1.50 metres tall, with short brownish hair.
The warm palette contains burnt reds, such as Jotun Heat and Jotun Kilim, delicate Jotun Dusty Purple, and the brownish yellow hues of Jotun Dijon Yellow and Jotun Olive Brown.
And watch for any brownish toadstools appearing around the base of the trunk in autumn.
After the operation the woman's abdomen became swollen and bloated with gases and a brownish substance that had a bad odour.
The good folks at Jalopnik, a Gawker website that focuses on car stuff, have somehow come across a Craigslist ad for a brownish 1981 Corvette that's covered in swastikas.
Symptoms: 6 A single brownish red patch on your back or chest which is then followed by similar patches elsewhere.
This report provides a comprehensive description of 15 yellow to brownish yellow type lb CVD synthetic diamonds submitted to CGL without disclosure in October 2014, and diagnostic features to distinguish them from natural diamonds are discussed in detail for the first time.
Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge For Lips And Cheeks in Telluride, PS19.50 (available July 2; I THOUGHT this rich brownish shade might be too dark for my fair complexion, but actually, once I'd dabbed with one fingertip and blended with another, the effect was subtle.
(2010) reported overall plumage colors in Naked-neck chickens such as black (10%), black brownish (60%), red brownish (20%) and brown (5%).
Antenna 4/s as long as forewing; scape brownish white, scales with dark brown band subterminally; flagellomere pale gray on basal half, dark brownish gray on distal half.
Sausser found the brownish, yellow-eyed owl between the wall and the chest of drawers on which the bird cage sits.
[Bi.sub.1]--clay-illuvial, 28-63/35 cm; very tongued, the colour is heterogeneous, from dark-grey in the upper part of the horizon and in 'tongues' to grey, grey-brownish and red-brownish in the lower part; the structure of brownish mass is nutty, of dark-grey is cloddy-seedy; on the whole the construction is thick; new formations are revealed in humus tongues and weak whitish powder along the dark-grey sides of structural partings; there are wormholes and molehills; rich roots.
Chinese scientists have discovered a new species of brownish pit viper in the largest scientific study since the 1970s on wildlife at Mount Everest, Xinhua reported.
It was observed that with an increase in salt concentration as well as with the passage of time (during successive subcultures), greenish-yellow callus started turning brownish in color.
Andleeb Rana displayed her 25 paintings, showing texture of her impressions with brownish and yellowish hues.