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Browning has given us the key, and those volumes a delightful gift to our age-record of so much that is richest in the world of things, and men, and their works--all so much the richer by the great intellect, the great imagination, which has made the record, transmuted them into imperishable things of art:--
Browning, is something more than a mere poetical conceit.
In one of the pieces in her volumes of 1844 Elizabeth Barrett mentioned Browning, among other poets, with generous praise.
Browning's father thenceforth treated her as one dead, but the removal from her morbid surroundings largely restored her health for the remaining fifteen years of her life.
'poetic novel' in blank verse dealing with the relative claims of Art and Social Service and with woman's place in the world; and Browning's most important single publication, his two volumes of 'Men and Women' (1855), containing fifty poems, many of them among his very best.
Browning was passionately interested in the Italian struggle for independence against Austrian tyranny, and her sudden death in 1861 seems to have been hastened by that of the Italian statesman Cavour.