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My 12-year-old Louis is always nonplussed by the famous people I get to meet, but getting a photo with "Keith" never fails to impress him and when Keith has rung him in the past I amass countless brownie points.
Mr Duncan Smith might have got more brownie points if he had not tried so hard to conceal it.
Technological innovations making the lives of consumers even easier are quick to "gain brownie points and acceptance among the tech-savvy UAE population," Nilesh Khalkho, chief executive officer of Sharaf DG, said.
Romeo and Indi had only just managed to smooth things over after their last argument, but when, Mink, turns up in the Bay, it doesn't earn him too many brownie points.
She's not going to score any Brownie points with either of the boys by lying, but when ex-fiance Vittorio turns up, she cancels a dinner date with Liam, saying she's poorly.
In addition, the 23-times capped three-quarter earned even more brownie points by eschewing the need for a translator, unlike team-mates like Joe van Niekerk and Felipe Contemponi.
So why not take advantage of this natural phenomenon, and gain a few brownie points too, by heading down to The Creek and jumping onboard an abra for a romantic cruise with your one-and-only.
This is a serious development,' said Geoff Sweeney, Tier-3's CTO, who added that, where would-be hackers previously had to score brownie points to gain access to hacker forums and source the kits, the fact that they are now on open sale on eBay was very worrying.
Her background in marketing and as a model and TV reporter contributed to her business success and here she uses its tenth successful anniversary to explore the foundations of starting a business, serving as an inspiration for women of color and making BROWNIE POINTS a top pick for any general lending library catering to women seeking keys to success.
A racing fan, Jared has already earned brownie points among the townsfolk with his first charity event last Saturday, which raised around pounds 220 for Racing Welfare, who will also benefit from the Chas & Dave night that is next on the agenda.
You don't get any Brownie points for guessing what the practice is called.
Emulating Angelina Jolie nets major karmic brownie points, so broaden those horizons: Volunteer to combat AIDS in sub-Saharan Africa or rebuild tsunami-ravaged Asia.
MAY You've been scoring brownie points with pals and parents, and that makes their trust in you soar.
In a fiery speech King, best known for his horror novels, hit back at critics who claimed he did not deserve such an award by saying that you do not receive 'social and academic brownie points for staying out of touch with your own culture', reports Publishers Weekly.
A secure executive will appreciate that middle managers would be able to talk more openly--and share more effectively--when the vice-president is not in the room and brownie points are not being sought after.