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The browning of Catholicism enacted here takes meaning from Rodriguez's conception of sodomy as "among the brownest of thoughts" (Brown 207) and the paired conception of his gay Catholicism as "brown" (224).
Mama says that when you get old even the brownest eyes start to look blue, like there's a thin film of sky covering right over them.
sulphurascens by their darker and browner (less rufescent) dorsal color (closest to color #121A, Prout's Brown); darker and redder (less orange) tail (between color #34, Russet, and color #223A, Mars Brown); creamier (less white) throat; and dingier buff abdomen, which was brownest on the flanks, lower belly and vent (between color #239, Ground Cinnamon, and color #26, ClayColor, but closer to the latter).
WESTWOOD - Even the brownest of eyes shown blue and gold Monday at UCLA, but the collective spirit of thousands of Bruins fans wasn't enough to spur their team on to what would have been its 12th NCAA victory.
Mr Pritchard described the old gasworks site, currently used as a car park, as "one of the brownest field sites that one could ever come across.