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Letting Revis and Browner go -- or, at least, having an indifferent inclination to do so -- appear to have been part of the plan from the beginning.
government will release a report that says scientists had determined that containment, burning, and skimming measures worked in dealing with the oil spill, said Carol Browner, energy and climate change adviser to President Barack Obama.
Assistant to the President for Energy and Climate Change Carol Browner said on
White House energy adviser Carol Browner said there was more oil spilling into the Gulf than at any other time in history.
In the Clinton administration, he served as Chief of Staff to EPA Administrator Carol Browner and later became deputy administrator.
The BBC quoted White House energy adviser Carol Browner, as saying that the US was "prepared for the worst scenario" that the leak might not be stopped before August.
Summary: WASHINGTON, May 30, 2010, SPA -- White House energy czar Carol Browner says oil might keep leaking into the Gulf of Mexico for months until relief wells are completed.
News & World Report's National Issues Briefing, "Going Green: America's Cities and the Role of Government," featured Carol Browner, director, White House Office of Energy and Climate Change Policy, who spoke about the importance of having a comprehensive energy strategy.
White House climate adviser Carol Browner said that the Obama administration is not backing down from a market-based approach to curbing greenhouse-gas emissions.
The two others, however, including Obama's so-called climate tsar Carol Browner, have a lower profile and yet will be involved in taking key policy decisions affecting EU-US relations.
Martin Bursik, the Czech environment minister and president of the EU Council, was due to speak to Carole Browner, assistant to the president for energy and climate change in the Obama administration by telephone, on 28 January, thereby confirming his willingness to establish contact as soon as possible with the new American government.
Browner is part of an organization whose principles include the imperative, "to establish a genuinely new international economic order.
Head of the EPA under Clinton, Browner will co-ordinate White House policy on energy and climate change among various federal agencies.
Mr Obama selected Nobel-prize winning physicist Steven Chu as energy secretary and Carol Browner, a confidante of former Vice President AlGore, to lead a White House council on energy and climate.
The US president-elect said on Monday that his choice of Steven Chu as energy secretary and Carol Browner to lead a White House council on energy and climate, signalled his determination to tackle global warming quickly and develop alternative forms of energy.