browned off

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browned off

slang Angered. I am so browned off by her selfish behavior!
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browned off

Very angry, as in When she locked me out I was really browned off. This expression originated as Royal Air Force slang for "disgusted" and "depressed" in the late 1930s and had crossed the Atlantic by World War II. It gradually came to be used more widely as a slangy synonym for "infuriated." One theory for its origin, mentioned by Eric Partridge in his slang dictionary, is that it alludes to brass buttons on a uniform turning brown from lack of polishing. Partridge noted, however, that the "predominant Army opinion" was that the word had the same literal meaning as buggered.
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ˌbrowned ˈoff (with somebody/something)

(also ˌbrassed ˈoff (with somebody/something)) (British English, informal) bored, unhappy and/or annoyed: By now the passengers were getting browned off with the delay.
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browned (off)

mod. angry. I am really browned off at you!
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Neil Warnock is in the right place to be browned off after his Sheffield United players draw 1-1 at Luton - it's where holiday flights leave from
HP Sauce-sponsored Jimmy White, who played his first match under the moniker of James Brown last Thursday, browned off his fans in Kidderminster but it could be a different story in The Masters, which starts today.
He was really browned off when a drunk driver crashed into his Vauxhall Combo while he was working in a house in Long Lane, Dalton, last December .
STARVING Paolo Nutini was left browned off after hotel staff refused to make him a slice of toast.
GOLFERS have been left browned off at raids on their greens.
He said: "A gang of troublemakers are making hay with grass clippings and hedge trimmings and the residents are getting browned off with it.
Though the Tawny Owl and the cop were browned off, the girls thought it all a hoot.
BROWNED OFF Fake tan is costing landlords thousands of pounds as they are forced to replace mattresses covered in stains.
I FEEL thoroughly browned off this and it's not yet 12 o'clock
The youngster in turn is seriously browned off with his mother cracking down on him because of his poor school record.