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brown bag

1. verb To pack one's own food (e.g., in a brown paper bag), especially lunch, usually for work or school. People who brown bag it each day eat healthier foods than those who go out for lunch.
2. noun Such a lunch. Aw man, I forgot my brown bag, so I'll have to buy lunch after all.
3. adjective Describing a gathering in which people bring their own bag lunches. The phrase can be hyphenated in this usage. Can we go out to a restaurant for a change? I'm sick of these brown-bag meetings.
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Packing one's own food (e.g., in a brown paper bag), especially lunch, usually for work or school. Ever since I started brown-bagging it, I've been eating much healthier foods than when I used to go out for lunch.
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1. n. a bag lunch. Bring a brown-bag, and we’ll talk and eat at the same time.
2. in. to carry a bag lunch. He’s back to brown-bagging while he saves up for his vacation.
3. mod. having to do with an event during which people eat their own bag lunches. These brown-bag affairs seem so tacky.
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The calling-on song has Lord Nelson, Tosspot, and Molly Brownbags (the Miser).
Peeples brownbags her own lunch to the set everyday, avoiding the craft service's junk food.
Brownbags ( Manhattan-based grocery deliveries.
She criticized MR's old-fashioned politics in The Progressive a few years later while promoting the new world of identity politics activism.(9) In her piece Kauffman described how MR holds weekly lunchtime brownbags in which progressives from around the world get together to discuss their work and politics.
Briefcases, purses, brownbags, satchels suspending from each hurrying frame, the carefully queued shuffle towards the few free lots, doors bang closed to bar the few stragglers.