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brown bag

1. verb To pack one's own food (e.g., in a brown paper bag), especially lunch, usually for work or school. People who brown bag it each day eat healthier foods than those who go out for lunch.
2. noun Such a lunch. Aw man, I forgot my brown bag, so I'll have to buy lunch after all.
3. adjective Describing a gathering in which people bring their own bag lunches. The phrase can be hyphenated in this usage. Can we go out to a restaurant for a change? I'm sick of these brown-bag meetings.
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Packing one's own food (e.g., in a brown paper bag), especially lunch, usually for work or school. Ever since I started brown-bagging it, I've been eating much healthier foods than when I used to go out for lunch.
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1. n. a bag lunch. Bring a brown-bag, and we’ll talk and eat at the same time.
2. in. to carry a bag lunch. He’s back to brown-bagging while he saves up for his vacation.
3. mod. having to do with an event during which people eat their own bag lunches. These brown-bag affairs seem so tacky.
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The table is a place for people to eat and commune, so faculty and administrators may sponsor brownbag lunches or potluck dinners in their homes to encourage conversations about meaning and purpose.
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Frankfurt's FWP, meanwhile, holds monthly brownbag lunches; recent ones included a discussion with a member of Executive Women at State, a training session on body language and a discussion of USAID's programs empowering women and girls in the Middle East.
We used the momentum we gathered from our dialogue about (general education) to initiate a teaching brownbag program in the department.
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Assuming (for the time being on the grounds of pure faith) that brownbag is a genuine compound verb in English (and in terms of usage it is according to COCA), we would have to recognize at face value an atypical modification pattern--an adjective (Adj) within a verbal whole.
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