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This dismissal of domestic violence as a valid political concern echoes the logic of many male activists in the Brown Power movement, who self-consciously embraced machismo as a defining feature of Chicano culture.
The company is closing its two-unit Sandow Power Plant in Milam County and its two-unit Big Brown Power Plant in Freestone County.
Moreover, subsidies for green power cannot be justified as a good "second best" policy alternative to Pigouvian taxes on brown power because the green subsidies reduce the price of electricity below its marginal cost and they do not take into account whether the renewable source displaces coal or a cleaner fuel like natural gas.
In a blog post called "Brown Power at Occupy Wall Street", a blogger described how she and other people of color played a key role in drafting inclusive language in the movement's demands.
Sydney, Australia, June 23, 2010 - (ABN Newswire) - Alinta Energy Group (ASX:AEJ), formerly known as Babcock & Brown Power, said it has received a number of indicative, non-binding, confidential bids while the power generator is in the process of the restructure of its finance facilities.
Regarding the dispute over the name "La Raza," it is unfortunate that this name for the Mexican people became associated with the Brown Power movement of the seventies, an important component of the "identity politics" that emerged in that era.
Black Power and Brown Power politics, as well as international liberation movements, linked together several different factors that defined late-1960s African American and Hispanic campus radicalism: local campus protests and demonstrations for the establishment of programs in Black and Latino American Studies; increases in black and Latino student admissions, and an increase in the number of black and brown faculty members.
Arcapita wants to conclude two acquisitions in the Asian infrastructure or real estate sectors by June and is also still in the running for buying up the assets of troubled Australian power investment firm Babcock & Brown Power, he said.
"Renewable energy will be a critical aspect in connecting the next two billion subscribers in off-grid and brown power areas.
on Thursday said it has been awarded its largest-ever contract in connection with wind power generation projects, which is to supply 443 large wind turbines to Babcock & Brown Power Operating Partners LLC.
Babcock & Brown Power Operating Partners, together with other Babcock & Brown affiliates, is one of the largest developers, investors, and operators of wind power projects in the U.S.
Lucha Corpi packs this tale with a history of the Chicano movement in the United States and the struggles of the Chicano brown power group in Denver and the Zapatista movement in Chiapas, Mexico that took place in conjunction with the Civil Rights movement of the late 1960's and early 1970's.
The civil rights movement had arrived, and cries of Brown Power! echoed through the Southwest.