brown bag

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brown bag

1. verb To pack one's own food (e.g., in a brown paper bag), especially lunch, usually for work or school. People who brown bag it each day eat healthier foods than those who go out for lunch.
2. noun Such a lunch. Aw man, I forgot my brown bag, so I'll have to buy lunch after all.
3. adjective Describing a gathering in which people bring their own bag lunches. The phrase can be hyphenated in this usage. Can we go out to a restaurant for a change? I'm sick of these brown-bag meetings.
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Packing one's own food (e.g., in a brown paper bag), especially lunch, usually for work or school. Ever since I started brown-bagging it, I've been eating much healthier foods than when I used to go out for lunch.
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1. n. a bag lunch. Bring a brown-bag, and we’ll talk and eat at the same time.
2. in. to carry a bag lunch. He’s back to brown-bagging while he saves up for his vacation.
3. mod. having to do with an event during which people eat their own bag lunches. These brown-bag affairs seem so tacky.
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That's what is going on but it's unlikely to succeed as the brown bag campaign is likely to come to a screeching, permanent halt sooner than later.
Caption: Make it minimal The Bloomingdale's brown bag is a rare example of simple, monochromatic packaging that's still instantly recognizable as a brand's trademark.
The Brown Bag sessions grew organically from our new faculty training workshops--simple, but informative, two-day teaching workshops for new faculty--to provide an environment for workshop attendees to continue meeting and discussing how to improve their professional skills.
The free Brown Bag concerts are produced by Mechanics Hall and radio station WICN-FM (90.5), and broadcast live on WICN and on the Web at (Richard Duckett)
Long is especially looking forward to the Brown Bag Drag event.
Then, each month during the squadron's unit training assembly, the group meets for a "brown bag" lunch to discuss the book.
( Hilton Worldwide is also reportedly testing out a similar concept at its Hilton Hawaiian Village in Honolulu and DoubleTree by Hilton in Tulsa, Okla., both of which are piloting a brown bag delivery in conjunction with its new MADE Market casual eatery.
Short-sleeved jumper pounds 22 from Blue Inc, rust leggings pounds 12 from Select, brown bag pounds 22 and belt pounds 7 from Claire's Accessories, necklace pounds 3 from Select, boots model's own.
The purpose of this study was to explore the impact of extended faith community nurse (FCN) follow-up contact after Brown Bag Medication Review events on reducing problems associated with and improving self-care related to medication use.
Caption: A standing-room-only audience of multi-family residential real estate professionals filled a large conference room at the law offices of Hixon Peabody last week for the New York Housing Conference's first-ever "Brown Bag Luncheon" event.
The 2010 AACC Annual Meeting and Clinical Lab Expo at the Anaheim, CA, Convention Center will include plenary sessions, symposia, interactive workshops, short courses, brown bag sessions, posters, oral presentations, and more, as well as more than 650 exhibitors.
She is also believed to have been carrying a brown bag.
Flavio Rodovalho, the founder of the law firm Rodovalho Advogados, with offices in Brasilia and Goiania, Brazil, will speak at a brown bag lunch from 11:30 a.m.
We continued our successful Brown Bag programs and focused some of the topics on careers-in-transition.
Cover the seeds with soil then place the brown bag circle on top of the soil.