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browbeat (one) into (something)

To thoroughly and continually dominate, intimidate, or bully someone into doing something. I'm tired of seeing him browbeat her into agreeing with him.
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browbeat someone into something

Fig. to bully or intimidate someone into something. It won't do any good to try to browbeat me into it. I was browbeaten into doing it once. I refuse to do it again.
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The CPP will not allow itself to be browbeaten to order the NPA to go on a ceasefire while operating troops of the [Armed Forces of the Philippines] showed no plans on letting up in their search-and-destroy operations and frenzied offensives that terrorize civilian communities,' it said.
So even when the GPs have been cajoled and browbeaten, the patients are still losing out.
TORONTO CBC management has confirmed there will be another round of layoffs at the browbeaten public broadcaster.
ISLAMABAD -- The Awami Ittihad Party (AIP) President Engineer Abdur Rasheed has urged Kashmiri leaders to forge unity to fight for genuine interests of browbeaten people of Jammu and Kashmir.
We never saw how good Linda Gray could look when she played JR Ewing's browbeaten wife.
Perry launched the weekend's biggest singalong with I Kissed A Girl - and even thumbed her nose at the browbeaten rockers with a spectacular cover of Queen's Don't Stop Me Now.
Thousands of British, German and Dutch citizens have been browbeaten into ceding part of their gardens - or in extreme cases their entire property - and are now fighting for compensation.
Already our police have been browbeaten into closing off key parts of the capital to shield the entourage from demonstrators.
When Councilwoman Ruth Galanter, about to be term-limited out of office last year, was reassigned to Sun Valley, she told a reporter, ``This is clearly a district that has been browbeaten - maybe worn down is a better term - into lower expectations.
We will not be browbeaten by London into avoiding contentious issues, and we will begin to shape our public services to respond better to the needs and priorities of Wales.
In condemnation messages issued from Bacha Khan Markaz here on Thursday, ANP Leaders termed the suicide blasts an act of cowardice saying that terrorists were frustrated and browbeaten by the unity of people against their nefarious designs.
He added: "With every kilometre of motorway removing 25 to 30 acres of land from agriculture, the road building authority gambles that a future government can be browbeaten into building around 800 kilometres of motorway.
The community leaders and politicians who have browbeaten the police with racism taunts are to blame.
We can expect to be browbeaten into accepting more government restrictions on our cherished personal freedoms and to surrender our national sovereignty to the United Nations.
Browbeaten by her boss and politely ignored by her neighbours, our Sraphine unwittingly became one of the artists of the century, even as madness overtook her.