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browbeat (one) into (something)

To thoroughly and continually dominate, intimidate, or bully one into some state or action. I'm tired of seeing him browbeat her into agreeing with him. The manager always browbeats people into compliance if they ever try to do things outside the standard protocol.
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browbeat someone into something

Fig. to bully or intimidate someone into something. It won't do any good to try to browbeat me into it. I was browbeaten into doing it once. I refuse to do it again.
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'The CPP will not allow itself to be browbeaten to order the NPA to go on a ceasefire while operating troops of the [Armed Forces of the Philippines] showed no plans on letting up in their search-and-destroy operations and frenzied offensives that terrorize civilian communities,' it said.
Let's be sensible here and refuse to be browbeaten into another strike.
So even when the GPs have been cajoled and browbeaten, the patients are still losing out.
The ruling Labour group did themselves no favours yesterday when they were so obviously browbeaten into this "concession".
The decision made a pleasant change to past mistakes, where the council was browbeaten by cost-cutting private developers into accepting poor building design.
By lodging an appeal and then resubmitting its plans in two parts they are hoping that the council can be browbeaten into thinking it will face a big legal bill if the appeal is successful.''
Old blue eyes is ideally cast as the carefree guy sentenced to two years on a chain gang, who wins his fellow prisoners over by refusing to be browbeaten by cruelty and chains.
TORONTO CBC management has confirmed there will be another round of layoffs at the browbeaten public broadcaster.
That a MacKay can be browbeaten into dismissing Longman says a lot about the state of political dialogue in the country.
ISLAMABAD -- The Awami Ittihad Party (AIP) President Engineer Abdur Rasheed has urged Kashmiri leaders to forge unity to fight for genuine interests of browbeaten people of Jammu and Kashmir.
We never saw how good Linda Gray could look when she played JR Ewing's browbeaten wife.
Perry launched the weekend's biggest singalong with I Kissed A Girl - and even thumbed her nose at the browbeaten rockers with a spectacular cover of Queen's Don't Stop Me Now.
Already our police have been browbeaten into closing off key parts of the capital to shield the entourage from demonstrators.
"Ultimately, we can all learn a lesson from that and not be browbeaten by the corporate world which is taking over."
``We will not be browbeaten by London into avoiding contentious issues, and we will begin to shape our public services to respond better to the needs and priorities of Wales.''