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browbeat (one) into (something)

To thoroughly and continually dominate, intimidate, or bully someone into doing something. I'm tired of seeing him browbeat her into agreeing with him.
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browbeat someone into something

Fig. to bully or intimidate someone into something. It won't do any good to try to browbeat me into it. I was browbeaten into doing it once. I refuse to do it again.
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Interrogators often keep prisoners awake for days at a time and then browbeat the exhausted captives with an ideological barrage they find difficult to resist.
The denial of the existence of God is behind all the fantastic claims of evolutionists who want to browbeat anyone who dares to say they are wrong.
Mr Clarke and other ministers were also warned by the new Lord Chief Justice not to browbeat judges over how anti-terror and other laws should be applied.
He has bullied, browbeat and bribed holdout council members to give him the issue he thinks will help him win re-election.
I attended a Liverpool ECHO Mersey Marvels lunch with her a few years ago and watched in amazement as she charmed and in some cases browbeat the celebrities there to support her cause.
Oh, but she suffered on Star Lives, especially when racing pundit John McSideburns browbeat her into agreeing to appear on his show - still Amanda, a booking's a booking.
Toward the latter half of the film, she hatches a wicked stratagem, using blackmail and bribery to browbeat an endorsement out of rising House of Commons star Sir Robert Chiltern (Jeremy Northam, this generation's somberly masculine heir apparent to Laurence Olivier and Jeremy Irons).
House Resources Chairman Don Young (R-Alaska) and Helen Chenoweth (R-Idaho), who chairs the Resources subcommittee on forests, browbeat Dombeck with a highly critical new report from the General Accounting Office (GAO) that condemned the agency's financial statements as "unreliable" and accused the service of being unable to account for large expenditures of tax dollars.
Language suffers most of all, as a long line of Transcendental Victims use terms like "racist," "sexist," "homophobic," and "Eurocentric" so freely that they lose all significance, and crude pop-Stalinist phrases like "Dead White European Males" (in Hughes' acerbic formulation, "the pale patriarchal penis people") are used to browbeat a quavering academy.
If they feel strongly about this, I don't browbeat them to take morphine.
We have evidence that shows partners with NKB had a scripted program in place that browbeat plaintiffs into accepting low-ball settlements," Berman said.
Local councils are forced through the application of the Waste FrameworkDirective to browbeat taxpayers into accepting fortnightly bin collections.
McCarthy was only interested in the people he could browbeat publicly.
The great thing was director Agnieszka Piotrowska breaking the fly on the wall rule of non-involvement to harangue Eddie in his attempts to browbeat his wife into submission.
Then, says school board chairman DeWitt Jones, "he came back [into town] with a gun-slinging lawyer to browbeat us?