bring (something) to the fore

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bring (something) to the fore

To emphasize something or make it more noticeable. Be sure to bring this argument to the fore when you rewrite your paper. Discrepancies in the yearly budget report brought questions of corruption to the fore.
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bring something to the fore

to move something forward; to make something more prominent or noticeable. All the talk about costs brought the question of budgets to the fore. The question of budget planning was brought to the fore.
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bring something to the ˈfore

make something become noticed by people: His political opinions have been brought to the fore recently, particularly after his television appearance last week.
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Once again: 'the Nigerian workers have paid the supreme price, laying down their lives in their effort to contribute to the national wealth', adding that the gory accident brought to the fore the prevailing hazards which have continued to confront the Nigerian workers and for which government should seek to mitigate.
16 (ANI): The Operation Kund in the Kashmir Valley has brought to the fore the humane face of security forces, which ensured that the surrendered militants are saved and don't get into the cross-fire, said Inspector General of Police (Kashmir) Munir Khan on Thursday.
The reason the fishermen are brought to the fore of discussion is that the Filipinos, as a nation and people, are being bullied and deprived of their right to a body of water which rightfully belongs to them.
The condition, which affects 1 in every 100 people, has been brought to the fore recently with the incredibly popular BBC drama, the A Word.
He said investigations regarding Pathankot incident are continuing and their findings will be brought to the fore.
As the backdrop, the reviews the Communist International's Popular Front campaign of the 1930s brought to the fore by ideas that resonated in Chicago's African American community which outlasted its Communist Party affiliation to serve as a model and inspiration for a postwar cultural insurrection, led by African Americans.
David Higgins, corporate partner and Co-Head of Freshfields Global Financial Investors Group, commented, The complex nature of the transaction structure required here brought to the fore the strengths and expertise of the Freshfields Global Financial Investors Group, whose experience in advising on deals of this nature is second to none.
Brutalist architecture and raw industrial design featuring bespoke lighting, exposed metal screens, bare brickwork and reprocessed Tube station tiles are brought to the fore in Hilton''s new upmarket London Bankside property.
Mr Byrne said Jeremy Corbyn had brought to the fore the "idealism and anger" at injustice that unites Labour.
The author shows great empathy in understanding feelings as the youngsters encounter new situations with revealing dialogue which rings true as individualities are brought to the fore.
Timely discharge from hospital for patients was brought to the fore this winter with unprecedented demand on A&E departments and hospital beds across the country.
In many of his more than 100 films, across many languagues including Tamil, Telugu and Hindi, Balachander has made the women as his central characters and brought to the fore the troubles they face in the society.
Without the usual barrage of noise bolstering the sound, Falconer's songwriting and voice were brought to the fore.
Summary: Corporate high-fliers, scientists, sportswomen, enterprising businesswomen, talented artists, and humanitarians -- the Al Mar'a Excellence Awards brought to the fore Omani women achievers for whom the sky is the limit
THE ISSUE was first brought to the fore in December 2011 by a Delhi High Court judge S.