bring (someone or something) to (someone's or something's) knees

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bring (someone or something) to (someone's or something's) knees

1. To render a person or group submissive by weakening or defeating them. The general believes that such an attack will bring the opposing troops to their knees.
2. To disrupt or halt a process or thing. Unfortunately, a broken printer has brought the mailing project to its knees. Many fear that all of these new regulations will bring the stock market to its knees.
See also: bring, knee

bring someone to their knees

If something brings a person to their knees, it makes them extremely weak or tired. The pressure of other people's expectations brought me almost to my knees. Note: You can also say that someone is on their knees. Several times this afternoon he had sounded as if he were on his knees.
See also: bring, knee, someone

bring something to its knees

COMMON If something brings a country or organization to its knees, it damages or destroys them. The country was brought to its knees after a wave of strikes. Uncontrolled lending brought the economy to its knees. Note: You can also say that a country or organization is on its knees. The Government was on its knees.
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bring someone or something to their knees

reduce someone or something to a state of weakness or submission.
1997 Sunday Times Doom and gloom merchants everywhere are predicting all kinds of plagues befalling the world's computer systems anytime now, bringing business to its knees.

bring somebody to their ˈknees

show somebody that they are weak; defeat somebody, especially in a war
See also: bring, knee, somebody

bring something to its ˈknees

badly affect an organization, etc. so that it can no longer function: The strikes brought the industry to its knees.
See also: bring, knee, something

bring to (one's) knees

To reduce to a position of subservience or submission.
See also: bring, knee
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He added that Syria couldn't be brought to knees in spite of the large destruction and killing, warning that the entire humanity would lose as a result of targeting the Syrian civilizations and damage wouldn't only affect Syria but the whole world.
As one of the strongest typhoons in the country began wreaking havoc in Central Visayas on Friday, Tacloban was brought to knees.
So far, over seventy economies have been brought to knees.