bring (someone) to heel

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bring (someone) to heel

To force someone to obey one's wishes or commands; to make someone act in accordance with one's authority. The CEO was quick to bring the junior board member to heel after the latter spoke out of turn at the annual general meeting. Sir, the members of your squad are all out of control. You need to bring them to heel right away!
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bring someone to heel

Fig. to cause someone to act in a disciplined fashion; to force someone to act in a more disciplined manner. She tried to bring her husband to heel, but he had a mind of his own. He was brought to heel by his demanding wife.
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bring to heel

Force to obey, subjugate. For example, The prisoners were quickly brought to heel. This term transfers commanding a dog to come close behind its master to similar control over human beings or affairs. [Second half of 1800s]
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Integrating a biomedical approach with an emphasis on the importance of good nutrition, decent housing, and human welfare will be necessary if the disease is to be brought to heel.
A further issue concerns the failure of highly-paid non-political council executives who seem not to have brought to heel their amateur political council bosses.
It's also time that policy-making, sandal-wearing, liberalist, bleeding hearts who help to create these glaring injustices were brought to heel and made accountable, given that a lot of them are paid public servants.
The banks still haven't been permanently brought to heel.
With EI brought to heel, the juveniles arrived from Australia three weeks ago.
The mildly erring husband and truculent daughter are suitably brought to heel and end re-besotted by the beautiful, intelligent and artistic Grace.
IRRESPONSIBLE dog owners are to be brought to heel as part of a crackdown on antisocial behaviour in Liverpool's parks and cemeteries.
When he told me about it Glyn said he had a definite sensation of being brought to heel.
Mr Deasy, who is refusing to name the poorly finished housing estates for fear his comments will either devalue the properties or make them unattractive to would-be buyers, added: "The status quo will remain unless developers who are trying to minimise their costs are brought to heel.
More than one western sheriff in recent years has been brought to heel by the feds, through the suggestion of an IRS audit or the threat to reveal hidden skeletons in the closet of the sheriff's past.
When are these contumacious leaders brought to heel by their most reverend fathers in God?
The famous "Tommy Gun" brought to heel, explained, investigated, dismembered, reassembled and categorised--all in 48 pages.
Martina Gedeck confirms her position as German cinema's class act in light comedy with "It's AH Bob," a funny, well-acted and highly engaging commercial movie about a flashy Frankfurt Lothario brought to heel by a thirty something working mom.
Only the threat that somewhere in the world someone will choose to follow a different path than the one decreed in Washington - and that someone will be brought to heel by U.
If that means our NHS will not be privatised, that the bankers will be brought to heel and people will work for a wage they can actually live on, then let's give socialism in 2016 a chance.