bring (someone or something) into question

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bring (someone or something) into question

To cause someone or something to be viewed with doubt. I considered Walt for the promotion, but his constant lateness soon brought that decision into question. Such a significant error really brings all of the experiment's results into question.
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bring something into question

to cause something to be doubted; to cause something to be questioned. What you have just told me seems to bring the wisdom of the trip into question. Your presence here has been brought into question.
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bring/call/throw something into ˈquestion

cause something to become a matter for doubt and discussion: Scandals like this call into question the honesty of the police.The high number of accidents has brought government policy on industrial safety into question.
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Unless the government agrees to repay VAT within 24 hours and settle its debts to firms, Macedonia's export will be brought into question. The Chamber demands that liquidity be improved either through new borrowings or by raising the tax on certain products.
The value of the exercise had been brought into question after 12 players withdrew from the initial squad named last week for a variety of reasons.
I KNOW the Newcastle police officer's driving should be brought into question, but why were these schoolgirls out at 11.20pm at night?
The 29-year-old was dropped after a poor first Test on England's tour of New Zealand and his desire to play for his country was brought into question.
I SN'T it time that the legal position of the Prime Minister was brought into question?
AN ELEVENTH hour cancellation of last night's game between North Wales and Breconshire has brought into question the Welsh counties set-up and may see a shift towards fixtures across the border.
Brodie needed to shed his clothes to hit the nine-stone limit at yesterday's weigh-in while champion Harrison, whose ability to make featherweight has frequently been brought into question, made the mark at the first attempt.
It's her childish enthusiasm about the story rather than the story itself that becomes the focus of the work: Her extreme eagerness to narrate turns the narration in on itself; again, language takes center stage at the moment when its efficacy is brought into question.
The paper says that if Cosmos's fate is the same as A1 TV's, the entire political strategy of the opposition is brought into question.
And after a lacklustre autumn in which the game's very identity was brought into question, so did rugby itself.
The government's priorities are also brought into question with news that they have cut pounds 10m from energy efficiency projects to fund renewable energy technologies.