bring (something) into force

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bring (something) into force

To cause something to apply, begin operating, or take effect; to begin implementing or enforcing something. The new government has vowed to bring several policies into force, aimed at helping struggling citizens get by. The new law will be brought into force on the first of January.
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bring something into ˈforce


come into ˈforce

make a rule, law, etc. start being used; start being used: The government says it will bring the new rules into force on July the first.After the new housing law comes into force, we will find it easier to buy our own home.
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The changes, brought into force this week, are among a number of measures to reduce costs.
Hamilton manager Brian Rice hit out at new rule changes which have brought into force this season.
The move was suggested and brought into force by the Independent Remuneration Panel for Wales (IRPW) to ensure that carers could also work as councillors.
The drop in sales is blamed in the main on production holdups due to the new Worldwide harmonised Light Vehicle Test Procedure (WLTP), which has been brought into force as a control on vehicle emissions.
Semenya, CAS said, sought a"ruling from CAS to declare such regulations unlawful and to prevent them from being brought into force. An arbitration procedure has been opened".
The robust measures will be brought into force through primary legislation and will cover ivory items of all ages, not just those produced after a certain date.
Thanks to her efforts, the Social Services and Wellbeing Act was brought into force and aims to promote the wellbeing of those who need care and support and help carers.
It seems landlords are calling the shots, whereas in other towns and cities the directive has been brought into force so putting a stop to greedy landlords.
The Council has confirmed that the rate of migration "needs to be raised significantly" before the SEPA can be fully brought into force. The ECB has yet to release its latest SEPA migration report.
Dr Evelyn Gillian of Alcohol Focus Scotland called for minimum alcohol price legislation to be brought into force.
The amendment to the transparency law will be brought into force with retrospective effect to nullify the CIC order, sources said.
The Act was brought into force after the crash in 1930 but was repealed in 1999.
IT IS more than four years since Deprivation of Liberty Orders were brought into force. But how many people will have heard of them, let alone understand their implications?
Special prosecution offices should be brought into force in order to ensure the dispensation of a speedy justice in cases involving women, the AWN statement said, proposing greater representation of women in courts and prosecution offices.